Das Reviews' Old SKool Beatdown - Free Entry - Multiple Prizes

Okay, here’s your chance to shine!

There’s no time for excuses…just wins! Enter the Old SKool Beatdown!

This is an Online Tournament and it’s Free!

I Need to straighten up my act on SF4 before SSFIV gets released so now is the time for you to put me to the test!


For all of those who need visual details…here they are:

Here’s what you do!:
Register For Free on Das Cheap.com and Fill out all of your info including your PSN ID & XBOX Live Names.


Confirm your Das Cheap Account in your Email that you registered with. Then add DasReviews as a friend on the Playstation Networks and XBOX Live Networks.

Then Friday April 2nd from 12pm-9pm come try and beast me online at Street Fighter 4!
Here’s what you will get:

( One Loss Tourney, you lose…you’re out! No Re-Enters, No Excuses! )

Play me best to 3 an try and win: Winners get 5 Das Dollars & Get to Play Me Best to 5!

Play Me Best to 5 and try to win: Winners get a FREE COPY OF SUPER STREET FIGHTER 4 AT RELEASE!

The First Person to BEAT ME AT BEST TO 5 Continuously without losing a match wins the Grand Prize: Full Size Hori Stick for the System of Choice, 6 Button Hori Fightpad, & Copy of Super Street Fighter 4 At Release!

The bottome line is , that if you beat me…you win! (So we are putting up for those Money Matches Kids!!)

Rules: Not too Many! Event will be held from 12pm-9pm so Register EARLY! Because I will not Play past 9pm! And it’s a first register, first play event so like I said…REGISTER NOW! All Registrations must include correct information and be confirmed via email to be valid.

You must have a decent internet connection. You must be at 3 or more bars. If you are less (or tetering on 2), sorry I can’t play you so now is the time to get off of dialup people!
Disconnections will be considered disqualifications (unless it was our fault!)

Grand Prize winner will be the first to win the consecutive BEST to 5!

We will be broadcasting live on UStream for the event as well at: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/dasreviews-live

Tonight right? I better start warming up!