Dash Attacks...without the dash? Sure! Fun with Instant Dash Attacks

Goes like this:

  • Hit stick forward like an F-Smash/dash.

  • A split second afterward hit down on C-Stick (dependant on Smashes being set to C-Stick)

The result? A dash attack without even one frame of actual dashing. Yay. This works wonders with Snake, as well as with Ike (who has a dash attack that covers huge distance).

They are also known as “Alpha Cancels”, on the request on the people on the srkbrawl IRC. It’s a pun on the people who name techniques after themselves on SWF. :rofl:

This shit is epic for charizard… “DAS BOOT”


Eat it Smashboards!!! WOOOOO SRK WE DA BEST.

Good shit alpha. It’s a shame I can never connect to you :shake:.

Dude come out with a crazy name or call it like Srkancel lulz.

with snake you can add an UpC to do snake dashing

so that makes it Alpha Snake Dash Canceling?

with the alpha cancelling to snake dashing, you can do the upC without hitting the oponent! it ends up looking like a dashing UpSmash(Mortar).

video of it:


The fuck, you came up with this all on your own?! :rofl: Get back to job hunting slacker, if you have time for this you aren’t doing it right. :wink:

Alpha has discovered something SO USEFUL, it has…already opened up doors of opportunity for so many characters!!!


Go back to working for the man, I’m playing DAT BRAWL and finding cool shit. :rofl:

As long as you keep making DAT RENT, we’re cool.

Seriously though, cool find. Wish I could’ve been there.

Okay, so I just fooled around with this in training and found out you can just DP+A and it will come out instantly.

And you can keep the C-Stick free for Wavebouncing. :lovin:

Holy Shit this is mad useful! I can’t even begin to note the possibilities.

Meta Knight can combo a AC from his D-Tilt with ease. Rob can chain it on certain characters and Samus finally has some necessary speed on her ground game from her Zair Grapple Beam.


AlphaDragoon02 Deserves InfiniREP!!!:pray:

AlphaDragoon, you are my new hero. Thank you for developing dat advanced tech. This looks like a part of that Universal Buffer System I keep hearing about, I like.

The first rule of alpha canceling is, you don’t talk about alpha canceling.

or just SRK WE DA BESTcancel

Jesus Christ I’m so anxious to try this out but my dad is still using the damn TV. I know this will help Game and Watch’s ground game a bunch.

well i think this technique would be best to do with diddy because of the low lag after his dash attack. I can see dash, shield cancel, alpha cancel dash attack, upsmash, fair, rape. wont make him top tier tho =’(

Meta knight has a good dash attack so this will be quite helpful.

opponent does craqwalk

I do dash attack


jesus. this is useful as hell.

This works, but you still get a tiny bit of the dash animation. Make of that what you will :looney: