Dash Auto Correct Ultra Cross Up?

Hello fellow Roggers. I’d first like to say thank you for all for the great tips. They’ve helped my casual game tremendously. This is one of the, if not best character communities.

I was playing online a few nights ago, practicing dash ultras on live bodies in Championship Mode. Obviously I lost many rounds and matches, but I needed semi-real world application training. I encountered something pretty odd (to me);

A Ryu I was playing had been crossing me up frequently and being silly, I decided to try and dash ultra under him. I just wanted to see if I could pull it off when being pressured and WHAM, I nailed it. Only thing is I didn’t fly all the way off to the right of the screen like I anticipated. The Ultra auto corrected, and caught him just as he was landing on the other side and it connected on all hits.

I apologize if this has been discussed already. If it has not, can one of the expert Balrog members check on the application on the technique. I figured it would be useful and I wanted to contribute.

Hope this helps somebody. Here’s to gettin’ paid!

I’ve been trying to work on this as well. As if dash ultra-ing in a real fight and getting it to land wasn’t hard enough. Auto-correct dash-ultra and getting it to land is like a dream to me at this point. Gotta make that fight money though

I took it to Training mode, and actually landed it a couple more times on a recorded Ryu. Hopefully one of the more experienced Rogs will take a look and see if there is an in game application for it against a pro player.

You mean [media=youtube]OR6ZWiHE-4c[/media]?

No. Not Really.

[]Your opposing character wouldn’t be trying to escape you, they would be trying to land a cross up attack.
]You wouldn’t be dashing towards your landing opponent and then Ultra, you’d be dashing and crossing under them, and then landing the Ultra in the reverse direction.

There’s definitely an application for it. Just look at what guile’s auto correct ultra did for his non-existant cross defense.

I wonder why none of the senior Rog board members haven’t weighed in. Not applicable? Not worth it?