Dash cancel question



I was on EventHubs and have a question about what is says about Hakan.


  • Is the only character that cancel his dash(oiled) with normals.

What does this mean?



If you input a normal during a dash the dash will instantly end and hakan will perform the normal. Other characters can’t do anything for the duration of the dash animation.

You can see it being used here to instantly cancel focus attacks.


Think of it as Hakan having feilong style rekka ken only the input is fwd fwd and one of the attack buttons in any standing, or towards + atk or crouching + atk. and if you back dash cancel to atk the moves will retain the backdash invincibility for the beginning of the back dash before cancelled into any attacks. So if you can imagine, the strength will be the active attack frame that moves forward while he slides fwd on the ground (from the normal attack input not from his qcf+p). Do enough of these dnc (dash normal cancel) close in jab jab and close in dnc mp soon your opponent cant tell if youre gonna close in to hit them or grab them. Then all you have to do is mix it up :slight_smile:


I watched the video. It looks like a little move that anyone can do.
But I have to go into the lab and see this.