dash cancel



can some explain wat the dash cancel is for, some one told me it is to link moves together


Not trying to be a jerk or anything – but there is a dedicated thread to post specific/general questions. Please try to review existing threads to avoid getting hazed by some of the veteran posters here…



i was actually reading the thread and some of the terminalogy seems to be confusing me, it my first time playing streets


Your answers can be quickly answered there. It clearly explains what Dash Cancels are, how its activated and how it can be effectively used in battle.


yea am reading threw it know thanks for your assistance, hopefully i will finally get good

so bahn where are u from


a/s/l ?


bahn, can I have yo numba? I’m from Canada so I don’t know a whole lot about much other than dog sleds but doesn’t CT stand for Contucky?




lol… what are we gonna do with all o’ these newbs…



force them to play console characters.

i mean what


so what character u’all play with





who you play with am guessing chun li right


I play Heidern.


nahh, what ever made you guess that?


I play Rufus~




Wait till you meet him in real life, he is rufus :rofl: (j/k :lovin: u sexy beast :wink:)




lol…I thought I was the only one getting confused about the Terminology here.

I just wanna a give a shout out to Dadaeday on PSN for being patient with me. Thanks for the Advice.

Now where can I find the thread about Zoning? Tnx