Dash Dash Headbutt/Knee Drop



How do you do that? Thats some hardcore buffering or what? I see Tokido and RX do this.

They dash then immediately headbutt/knee.

How can you charge down to set up for headbutt/knee drop while dashing?



Whiff a couple moves wihle crouchign, or just strong, then dash as soon as the animation for the normal finishes. Try your best to move the joystick back to the down position during the dash, then unleash the move when the dash animation ends.


f,f~hold down duh! :sweat:

Seriously, it’s called charge partitioning. The only catch is that you have to charge for exactly 2 seconds, any time over that, and the move won’t come out. (Thanks to BillyKane for that info) What you saw was a dash headbutt/kneedrop. But what he actually did was charge partition for about 1.5 seconds using whatever, then f,f, hold down for .5 seconds, u+p. They are actually just about charged for the move BEFORE they dash.

To get an idea, wiff two standing FP’s, while immediately holding down each time, as the second standing FP animation ends, hit u+p. (wiff s.FP~d, s.FP~d, u+p)

Another really simple one is to do a weak kick knee drop and IMMEDIATELY hold down, as soon as you land, dash and IMMEDIATELY hold down again, hit u+p as you come out the dash. The knee drop must wiff though. (Wiff WK Knee Drop ~ hold down, f,f ~ hold down, u+p)

Just mess around a bit until you find your own little “primers” or partition setups. After a little practice, you’ll find yourself charging without even thinking about it.

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just a question about the timing for charging after the shoulder charge in the basic combo

c.fp, lk shoulder xx fp aegis, fk shoulder… and then dash and headbutt over to the other side…

like when i perform the shoulder after the aegis, do i put a delay in the downwards charge?..or just start charging downwards once the shoulder begins?


I do it immediately. I try to go to back as fast as possible after hitting RH. Some say you have to delay slightly. Just a matter of how your brain feels comfortable doing it I guess.

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The charge doesn’t have to be EXACTLY 2 second… there’s a little leeway (I think about 0.2-0.3 seconds).
However, the added time for all the charges before the last one can not be over 1.5 secs (maybe the systems just doesn’t store more of 1.5s of partitioned charges
so the last charge has to cover at least the last 0.5 secs.
Really easier done than said.

With Urien you don’t “need” 2 standing fierces to charge. After some experimenting, a strong and a fierce is enough to completely hide the charge.
And you can even do two strongs, than crouch for about 0.2 secs and the charge is done… the opponent will barely see the crouching animation
3 strongs will do too (so that it looks like you’re just building meter)


Well, yeah. You can use whatever you what. I was just giving an example of a really easy one so he could understand it better. I’ve found with that one, no matter who it is, they get it the first time.

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You’re right, now that I think about it, I learned it with 2 standing fierces.
I wanted just to give some pointers, since 2 whiffed fierces aren’t the best thing to do ina real match.

Anyway, charge partitioning isn’t that hard to learn (I had an harder time with charge buffering effectively); implementing it in a match is another story… it’s hard to keep track of all the charges in a fast paced match and still not lose focus on the rest.

Ryo-chin owns everyone :stuck_out_tongue:


:lol: I’ll cosign that. I remember when I first started implementing that into my game. Seemed frustrating at first. But after a while, you start to charge buffer without even thinking. It helps if you have a basic idea of what each move/action and such gives you in charge time.

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I learned the approximate timing with one low fierce, albeit a horrible idea to do in a real match. Ah, who cares. Do it anyway. Have fun with charge partitioning in the beginning. That’s the best way to learn the appropriate times to use it.


I have found its useful to sometimes start the partition with a dash then complete the partition with a move e.g. dash, st.strong, headbutt or dash, towards + forward, headbutt. Its quite useful.

I don’t think timing with 0.5/1.5 seconds and all this calculative stuff is a very practical way of mastering charge partitioning its more a thing you have to make natural, the timing is not that hard, its the arkwardness of it all that makes it harder to use in a match.

But by far imo the easiest charge partition is whiffing headbutt/knee drop then dashing to follow with another headbutt/knee drop/tackle.

anyways, thats just me thoughts:)