Dash,Dash,Headbutt timing?

My friend who knows Ack said that there is some secret to it other than plain buffering. Any tips?

nope, thats why i am asking here

There’s no secret… once you kinda understand the concept of how charges are split up and partitioned you can figure out how to partition whatever, basically. Like… if you use c.hk and hold down 'til basically when you can’t see his foot (the extended one), then dash when the move is done, hold down during the dash, then bam up+lp is a headbutt. It’s kinda like 3/4 of the charge is done during the sweep.

If you press c.MK and hold it 'til it’s done, dash and charge, dash and charge, press up+lp, out comes the headbutt. this time it’s like 1/2 done during the c.mk, 1/4 during a dash, 1/4 during another. It just takes practice and I wouldn’t be able to do it on a pad if that’s what you’re trying.

Ack knows somebody in Ireland? :wonder:

Whenever I played Ack I noticed he never paused in between dashes. He would dash twice then headbutt immediately. So I tried out different ways and you can treat it like a regular dash headbutt, except with an extra dash at the start with no charging during it. Using the example from above, you’d have to do 3/4 of the charge during the sweep or whatever if you’re not going to charge during the first dash.

If you want to do something quick like s.MP then dash twice, you’ll have to charge during both dashes. In the case of dash x 3 then headbutt, you need to charge during all 3 if you do nothing before them.

Nope, my friend is Canadian. Thanks for all your help guys, it cleared up a lot

Someone needs to post up a vid of “Dash, Dash, Head-Butt”

what’s up everyone? surprisingly, it’s my first post in the urien thread. man, you guys are great! thanks for all of the help with his tactics. i was considering making kind of a “beginners’ guide” for urien. would you guys mind if i post here for advice sometimes? those who contribute will, of course, receive credit for their help. i just wanted to help those who wanted to learn urien since there aren’t that many US urien players. i wouldn’t say i’m anything spectacular, but i do play competitively in the midwest, and i really wanted to contribute something to the character i (we) play as.

By all means, spill some of that Urien knowledge. I’m not a noob when it comes to Urien, but some good advice wouldn’t hurt.:tup:


if you need help with that tutorial ill throw what i know your way. i actually have lots of shit written down but im too lazy to consolodate it and make a guide.

one really really stupid trick that would probably work is during the second dash, move from forward, to down, to back to up to punch. it’s very similar timing to regular dash headbutt. its also a pretty easy ghetto charge partition method that may work better for you! timed right you are blocking for like a frame too! holy shit! option selecting? no way! its almost completely useless!