Dash forward - lk roll mix up

A quick question,. When I do a TT throw then dash forward lk roll mixup it always lands on the otherside of the character, I played a abel the other day and my opponent did the same mix up but his stayed the same side of my character, also the mix up video on you tube shows the same mix up with the lk roll landing infront of the character. I am getting quite frustrated with this because it is messing up my mix up game. If anyone has any suggestions please help.

Lk roll is crossing up for you? After TT - forward dash - lk roll… unless you’re too close to the corner I don’t remember ever running into this problem.

Make sure youre not taking any extra steps, input dash during the recovery of TT and input LK roll during dash

its sometimes the other way around, after FS, backdash, mk roll, against some oponents you land in front, which sucks (seth, rufus, zangief etc).

I do the TT throw then the dash then the lk roll and it always lands as a cross up not infront of the character, the same happens with the falling sky.

if you have what you need, would you record yourself and this problem you keep running into.

I will recorc it asap

No need to record it, just tried to input the dash and roll earlier and it worked. Thanks forthe tips and replys it very much appreciated

you have to press it as early as possible!! that your following attacks counts as “meaty”, or at least you have to generate enough frame advantage to still counter your opponents fastest options (wakeup normla throw and wakeup throw tech).

I am struggling with the timing of the dash, I am doing it to late after the tornado throw.

you can buffer the dash at the end of tornado throw, I usually press the direction three times insteadt of two times, you can mash it at the beginning, you will learn the timing automatically

edit: go into training mode, take abel vs ryu, record Ryu mashing!! standing throw. then switch to abel. Do TT, forward dash, lk roll cr.hp. If he throws oyu out of it, you are way too slow. Then try dash, mk roll, s.mpxxcod fadh ellbow. Again, if he throws you, you are too slow. That also aplies for FS, backdash roll

That makes sense, thats why I am getting thrown now. So in theory it should be a safe mix up if I dont do anything after the roll? Does lp.TT beat normal throw?

?? did you read what I wrote :frowning: ?

First of all TT is invincible to all throws, lp, mp, hp TT beat all throws, even Zangiefs Ultra etc. Up from the first frame.

“So in theory it should be a safe mix up if I dont do anything after the roll?” ??? Why “dont do anything”? As I wrote you can press a button cr.hp, close mp or whatever you want and it is STILL safe !! it will beat anything your opponent is mashing on wakeup, even the fast 3 frame moves like a standing grab and a cr.lk (Ryu and Ken etc.). As I said, when timed right you have enough frame advantage, that you will counter everything your oponent is doing (counterhit). (Of course you will lose against reversals and most of the ultras, and the oponent can escape with a backdash, but NOT with a jump).

I did read what you had put, I just needed to clarify it so I could get it right in my head. Cheers dude its helped loads

Fantastic this thread helped me with the roll mixup as well. Essentially canceling the dash with a light kick roll works