Dash forward ultra (ssf4)

Hey guys can you tell me how to do in a Dash forward ultra. To be more specific bisons dash forward ultra 1. it would be nice. thanks guys

Pretty much it’s just hold back or downback, then double tap forward, then back, forward+KKK as soon as you come out of the dash. It kind of sucks for Bison, especially since U2 will give you the same result with less margin for error, and because U1 is slower than most charge ultras anyway.

[media=youtube]5bTHyUkgAkw[/media] - Tutorial if you need more than that.

just input the dash in the 1st forward motion when you’re executing ultra. So basically it’s:

b > f > f > b > f > KKK

Here’s a video that’ll help make things clearer: [media=youtube]5bTHyUkgAkw[/media]

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Charge back, then double-tap towards, back towards + 3K?

If it’s not coming out, make the FFBF part real fast.

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First you gotta charge back, then double—Ah hell.

What they said.