Dash or Run with Morrigan



I need to know whats the est option for morrigan dash or run because she start flying when u run. but the question is. is runing better for her or dashing


Her high/low knockdown games are sick with run.


Run for sure… dash is really fast, but run can be used almost the same; just don’t hold the run and you won’t fly… do a bunch of “mini-runs”


Running okiezimie(wakeup games) is the only thing that makes Morrigan good.


dont kknow what “mini runs” are but run/fly is better.

its good when ur opponent crouches just run and d+HK when ur kind of close tho otherwise its prediectable.


(combo here) c.RH run/fly over quick d.rh (in air) (combo here) c.RH

basic morrigan game, i don’t think she’s nearly as good without run


dont no why theres even a dash with morrigan…her run can be used the same way plus it can be used for other strageties…i use it when i knock the person down…then i hop over and start a combo:p