Dash punch frame data

What is the correct frame data after a successful dash punch (lvl1)?

It doesn’t state it on this site:


…any other information that tells the correct advantage situation?

I’ve wanted to know this for a while too. All I know is that it’s between +1 (because you can link seichusen) and +3 (If it were +4 you could link a crouching LP off of it).

If you’re desperate to find the exact number try running some tests to see what you can interrupt after hayate.

Hayate- startup/active/recovery ---- hit/cr hit/block

jab- 6/6/12 ---- +2/+4/-12

strong- 9/6/12 ---- +2/+4/-12

firece- 11/6/12 ---- +2/+4/-12

stage 1- 7-26/6/11 ---- +2/+4/-9

stage 2- 27-46/6/10 ---- +2/+4/-2

stage 3- 47-66/6/10 ---- +2/+4/-2

stage 4- 67-126/6/8 ---- D/D/+2

ex- 17/6/8 ---- D/D/+2

stage x hayate refers to charged hayates (not charged as stage “0”)

that frame data looks like the dreamcast version

~Edit fix error on startup of jab hayate should be 6 frames not 7 for stage “0”)

No wai…so you can link a cr. jab after a hayate if the other dude crouches?

cr jab has 4 frames startup so it doesn’t hit till the 5th frame so that would be a no

although the site I get my frame data from isn’t 100% perfect ether…

Oh wow I had no idea. Now I just look like a big dumbass.

how many seconds does it take to reach lvl 2 dash punch?

not very many, like. .75? (guessing ofcourse)

It would be a little less then half a second at the bare minimum charge

27 frames startup while the arcade version iirc runs at 62 fps

Also after looking at the site mentioned frame data im not sure what to think, I know it used to be a mirror of kara throws frame data which was dc but looking at more of the frame data most of it seems correct compared to http://home.att.ne.jp/star/GR/3rd/

Although it has gj startup listed as 1 frame and Tanden at 39 which im fairly sure is incorrect

It also has some of the same errors with the - frames on ken’s cr fwd

i was almost close ^^

i know you can combo into a lvl2 from fierce

unless there is 0 1 2 3 then you can combo into lvl 1 T_T

thats the way I listed it

oh shoot my bad! >.<