Dash Punches- Buffering two in a row?



How is this done… I have seen it in the clawphobia video, and in a couple of other combo vids, I just do not see how their is enough time to get both in. I practiced this for hours and to no avail. Im dumbfounded someone help.:mad:


What you’re gonna do is charge back, press forward, then immediately press back and punch and hold back to begin charging again, and as soon as the charge is ready press forward and punch. Basically you’re starting the next charge at the earliest possible time, before/as the first dash punch comes out.

So for the c&db overhead dash punch, dash punch, SAII juggle, you’re going to do the hcb rh for the c&db and hold back to begin charging, then press forward and immediately back and jab punch, hold jab for a little bit while charging back, then roll forward to jab (which works as both the back-forward motion of the dash punch and the first qcf of the SAII motion), then do qcf punch again to hit the super.

It’s a pretty cool looking combo, you usually get some oohs and aahs when you do it in the arcade. There are usually better uses for SAII though. Because of damage reduction, this actually does less damage than just dash punch to SAII to fierce dash punch or universal overhead to SAII to fierce dash punch. But hey, if the only way you can hit the super on an opponent is by starting a combo with rh c&db, by all means, go for it.

You can also do this kind of thing in the corner for some extra damage on Yun-sized characters. Do roundhouse C&db, then fierce dash punch, then strong dash punch. It’ll do more damage than the regular dash punch, back+fierce or neutral strong reset, but you don’t get the reset corner trap mindgame you would otherwise. You can do the same thing for other characters with strong/jab dash punches, but that does about the same amount of damage as the reset, so there’s no point. Hehe this is basically like the c&db SAII juggle I guess; it looks cool, but there are better things you could be doing. Unless you’re fighting like Yun or whatever and he’s near death; this will kill him sooner and you don’t have to worry that he’ll get out of the corner trap.

By the way, you can apply this concept to other SF games too, ie Guile in Super Turbo.