Dash SF 2 (Dee Jay)

Dash SF 2 (Dee Jay)?

Is the Hyper Fist’s Invincibility in SSF2 worth picking over SSF2T’s advantages?


I see…

OG DJ is much less pussified though and there are a few notable differences:

His only crossup is the ambiguous one, so in a sense it’s better(i.e. it’ll train you to get the proper range of the ambiguous forward crossup).

The hyper fist is pretty shitty as an anti-air, but it’s all he really has as a reversal so you better learn how to use it. And you’ll get more respect that using that gay up-kick(he did not need that shit).

Otherwise he’s the pretty much the same lame-ass as the new version.

I hate Deejay.

Edit: Ignore most of that. I was think New Deejay vs OG Deejay from ST rather than regular ST Deejay vs SSF2 Deejay. SSF2 Deejay still has the ridiculously fat forward kick crossup.

The up kick is good (to combo after and before Super).

I know it’s good, a little too good. My point was that he was fine without it, just like Vega didn’t need his flip-kick either.

Ok, I see what your saying, and by the way, nice title