Dash tackle timing?

What exactly is the timing for partitioning the dash tackle for the midscreen unblockable against Dudders/Necro/Alex? I can do tackle, dash headbutts all day long easily but I cannot get the dash tackle to work.

the timing is the same, it’s the motion itself that’s harder than dash headbutt
dash headbutt is easier because you can charge with d/f and it’s far easier to dash from that position AND to get again to d/f from the dash, as opposed to the b or d/b required for dash tackle

The dash headbutt unblockable isnt as hard to learn for the reasons Hol Horse mentioned and because youre buffering most of the charge in the tackle. With the dash tackle version you dont have as easy a method for storing the correct amount of charge. People use audio/visual clues in the super animation to get the correct charge time. The timing is basically the same for all of the characters. The exception is Elena, upon whom I do everything as early as possible, so dont try to learn on her. I would try to learn on Necro.

I can do the dash tackle unblockables very consistently. I start charging back when I hear Urien say A in Aegis Reflector. I realize you probably already read the threads and tried this for yourself with no luck. If thats the case, just throw out reflectors in training mode and practice charging at different points in the super until you can get the dash tackle to come out. Thats how I learned it.

Actually, when I do dash headbutt, I hold d/b after the tackle.

Yeah I’ve been trying the -GIS method, split seconds after the GIS, but I have yet to try it early. I’m just afraid of charging too much that I’ll lose it, but I’ll give it a go right now.