Dash Threw Necro?

i was recently playing a necro with my Oro and when i finished a chicken juggle i dashed to try to get behind him and cross up…but i suck with Oro (lol) so i missed and just pushed him back a little…BUT then i sashed again and went right threw him :O!!!

no he wasent rolling or anything just dashed right threw him standing lol, i havent been able to do it again

Glitch or new move? =o

These kinds of things are common in 3S. I onced dashed through Urien’s tackle.

LOL that would be awkward if you were fighting someone

dashing through an opponent is possible if they are considered aerial, really low to the ground or invincible in some way.

I was in a tournament at the time.

same! once i dashed through his mk tackle, i think. Really weird.

lol did you beat him? ;p

pretty sure he was standing =p he back fierced (necros upper cut thing)me right after i did it =[ cant do that in the air XD

There are tons of animations which consider you areal for just a few frames, lots of quick roll animations for example, or Oro’s forward.

I beat the guy, but lost to a Chun player later. Same old same old.