Dash under divekick bounce



Alright so I’ve seen guys like pr rog and ricky dash to the other side after a divekick ground bounce consistently and I can’t seem to pull it off at all. Is there a specific trick to landing this move, which is really useful for getting your opponents back in the corner?


you’re referring to when the divekick’s trajectory crosses up your opponent mid-combo, and then wolvie dashes underneath and back to the original side he started from, right? i ask this because it’s pretty difficult–although, possible with a few modifications to his bnb–if you’re trying dash under and continue a combo when your divekick places you on the same side(keeps you in front) as you started. i’m pretty sure you’re referring to when it does cross up though.

are you having trouble with the dashing under part, or are you having trouble with your st.H not auto-correcting after the dash under?


Well I’m referring to both actually, I didn’t know there was a difference. I just want to be able to dash under and continue a combo into the corner whether or not I cross up or stay on the same side.


i doubt you are referring to both. i say this because i doubt you’ve ever seen anyone do it when the divekick hadn’t crossed up in the first place. i know i’ve never seen it done on stream. i could be wrong though, since it is possible to do and have done it myself. if you have ever seen it, could you post a link to the video?

anyway, if the divekick places you still facing the original way from which you started, you’re going to have to utilize either wavedashing or plink dashing to successfully dash under and to the other side. (side note: against smaller characters, sometimes all you’ll have to do is simply walk a little bit before doing a regular dash.) now, since the wavedash or plink dash wont leave you time to connect with a st.H, you’re going to have to continue the combo with st.M,st.S instead.

if the divekick places you facing the opposite way from which you started, just dash as soon as possible or walk a little beforehand and then dash; pretty easy. no trick to it really. also, in these instances, you’ll have time to continue the combo with st.H.

with all that being said, you might want to learn on how to control which side you land on instead. i find that super jumping as soon as possible after the launch, as well as performing his air series asap, prevents him from switching sides.


I know this is really late but whatever…

  1. If you dont want to cross under your opponent when you dive kick, you’re gonna have to delay your diving kick after drill claw as late as possible.(still might not work against some characters)
  2. For the dash under st.H,if you’re getting a forward facing st.H(away from opponent) your pressing H too early. If you’re not able to dash under them that means you’re dashing too late.