Dash under fireballs

Juri’s normal dash can dash under the following fireballs:

Sagat high tiger shots
Akuma normal fireballs

Another thing to note Seth’s EX sonic boom Juri can focus absorb the first and dash under the second

edit: She can dash under messiah kick as well.

edit #2: Can dash under Condor Spire but it’s kind of hard and won’t work up close

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Intresting to know. This is promising. :slight_smile:

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I played for a little today but didn’t remember the list. Maybe it might also be helpful to keep another list of characters the dash doesn’t go under?

rice you are so lucky, im going mad, that i cant play with her. or the game even >_<

Just to add, she can dash under guile/deejay’s projectiles as well.

Low forward goes under as well.

The timing isn’t easy but she can dash under EX and red fireballs as well.

So basically she can’t dash under Ryu, Ken and Sakura’s fireballs, am I missing anyone else? Someone confirmed she can dash under Guile’s and DeeJay’s projectiles already, so who else is left (if any)?

EDIT: Chun-Li’s too

As in, she can or can’t dash under chun’s?

When you say dash, you mean normal dash as in hitting forward twice??? Forgive the noobie question.
Also, is there another dash that Juri can do? I think I did it by mistake but it almost looks like a teleport like Ibuki.

Yes, the dash by hitting forward twice.

And she has a counter.

Thanks Anemone. So, how do you execute this counter?

quarter circle backwards and a punch button. Each punch button will determine which direction you go. I don’t have the game yet, so I am unaware of which punch button sends you in which direction. You’ll know you did it when she bends down and taunts the opponent. If you are hit in this state, you dash in one particular direction.

Light to dash forward. Medium to dash backward. Heavy to jump/dash upward.

My mind is like scrambled eggs thinking about the possibilities and seemingly endless options that Juri has in her arsenal!