Dash-up training

Hey all,

So for a while I have been wanting to improve my dash ups with bison. One thing I know is lacking is my timing; I often hit a button late and that’s really bad with a 22 frame dash.

So I tried a particular test. I set Chun Li to do overhead on guard recover, which is 26 frames. Then I set her to block all and hit her with CR MP which is +1. Then I dash and hit CR LK which is 4 frames. So if I time it perfectly I will counter hit her. If I am late by a frame, I get counter hit.

Long story short; I can’t beat her unless I
mash. I find this timing impossible to get down with a single press. I can usually get one frame links in combos eventually but this feels hopeless.

So I am wondering is this necessary? How tight do my dash ups need to be? Any advice for training?


I’m pretty sure you have the same 3 frame buffer window to do the C.LK in the dash as you have in any other situation.
Not a lot I can say other than practice.

Really, you have the 3 frame window after dash? Man, it feels different to me. So what all does that window apply to? Do you get it on wakeup and guard recover, and after your own move’s recovery? I had thought the 3 frame window was only for links.

I’m still practicing this; I have had some success ( like 30% ) by hitting the dummy with S. LP, dashing and ending with S. LK. That gives me 3 more frames, and I can find the sweet spot. But doing my original goal of the 1 frame window into C. LK still seems impossible…