Dashing AFTER a overhead attack

this is different from my other thread

i know im asking small questions but id like to know what people use most (yes this is very important to me so please dont post and say "this isnt even important)

ill use magneto as an example

after an overhead do you guys dash using PP or forward forward?

example: magneto trijumps with hk, ::dashes forward:: c.lk c.hp etc…

magneto trijumps with lk X2 :: dashes forward:: c.lk c.hp etc…

after the overhead attack what do you guys dash with? if you guys dash using forward forward do you tap forward once before you land so that you only need to tap it once more after you land to dash?(yes i know, run on)

thanks alot

i dash using PP for wavedashing/backdashing only (like PP, b+PP randomly when someone is coming down from sj)

to me, i would never do PP dash during a combo, getting a random fierce and pissing away free damage is lame. plus, the timing for landing into a dash seems much more lenient with f,f

tj HK, f,f, c.LK-c.HP, etc
tj LK-LK, f,f, c.LK-s.MP, etc

tap tap forward

Trying to dash forward with c.lk+assist by way of PP is ridiculously hard.

Use PP, everyone uses PP, it takes getting used to but it’s infinitely easier to do quickly in my opinion. The only time I do foward foward is on pad with very specific timing.