Dashing Eagle vs running Eagle?



i’ve conventionally used N-Eagle but am trying to make the transition to P, so i was wondering if anyone had thoughts on the topic. at the moment N-Eagle just seems far superior because of his run and access to L1s, although he doesn’t really need supers. i can’t find a good substitute for N-Eagle’s running fierce, which was very good as i recall. his lack of a run is suggesting to me that P-Eagle is more of a duck, and as to sit most of the time holding his ground, while in N he could rush you down relentlessly. yet i hear Apoc’s A-Eagle which doesn’t have a run or low jump is pretty good at rushing…

so am i really doomed to play defensively without the run…?


No, as a matter of fact I like Eagle much better in a dash then a run. I have beening playing Eagle since day 1 and have used P-groove constanstly for the last 8 months or so. Eagle has a really good hop and I love to mix it up with him. In my experience at least in the Seattle, a running eagle gets punished to bad. A P-groove eagle can’t quite rush do down like a run one can but the hop is quick and I find it useful for several reason. First of all I love faking out people who don’t expect him to hop so fast. When a character is knock down, Eagle can quickly hop over the the body which confuses the oppenent and also screws up wake up move motions. Plus I like to do little mix ups like waiting to the last second after I knocked someone down to hop backwards to aviod wake up moves or my favorite is hoping back after they wake up and then immeadiatly hoping back in and throwing. Also If you quickly dash towards an oppenent and hit them with a crouching foward and you got yourself a free super. His dash is really fast and sets up mind games too. But always remember to be careful with it cause if you dash forward to fast constantly then you are open to attack. So in conclusion I love eagle and his hop for me is one of the best things he has. Also I would have to say that you have to decide over mind games or rushing. Just my thoughts.


I like dashing Eagle a little better. His hop is great, fast, and gets you places. You can hop over fallen opponents and try some mind games. As for lack of mobility/being a duck? A turtle Eagle isn’t neccessarily a bad thing…


Especially after Throws, Eagle’s Dash becomes useful. After you throw someone with Punch, the enemy is wide open to various Dashing games that can be played by Eagle. But Dashing behind them at the last second and then doing a Combo is a decent tactic, and in P-Groove for XBox Live, if you end the Combo with HCF + Forward, as a standard Combo Ender for Eagle, you can tack on a Super for free if you’ve got hte Meter.

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Geez. All this and Eagle gets a damage upgrade for CvS2 EO??? He’s gonna be top tier material.