Dashing Head Attack into Total Destruction

I saw this listed in the combo’s section i nthe strategy guide. Activate Total Destruction, Dashing Head Attack (MP), Super Cancel, Total Destruction §. How is this possible, I tried it and had no luck. Plus, can u do an over-head one on a crouching opponent into a Total Destruction. And u know how u can Dashign leg Attack after C&DB characters? What characters can u do this on?

The combo listed starts only works in the corner and starts from a Capture & Dead Blow. After the C&DB you do the Dash Punch and cancel into the super as soon as it hits. Finally, while they’re still falling you just input the qcf+P for the Total Destruction.

The combo is on the Clawstrophobia video if you want to see it in action.

Overhead dash punch into SAIII qcf+p is a no go, even if you activated ahead of time. Start up on that thing is like 12 frames or some such.
As for dashing leg after c&db . . . umm, chun-li? I’m gonna guess it’s all them folk who get c.hk’d repeatedly real easy like by Dudley (so, Chun, Makoto, Alex, Q, Elena, Oro – other people), but I’m not sure.