Dashing must be an art form

hey All I’m practicing with dead pool and for the life of me I cant get the timing on his dash after Quick work Heavy or Medium I cant even get him to dash half the time, he just remains in the same spot and does his launcher eve after I dash toward the enemy. Is there a type of trick to get this working? Im on the Controllers not an arcade stick.

I play a deadpool team on pad as well. You can’t one button dash with it. You have to make sure you do the full two side taps on the analog stick and then crouch cancel the dash into a c.M or just launch off of it depending what combo you’re trying to perform. Just wait a few moments after you hear the sound of the blade connecting with the enemy, and then initiate the dash. It’s just a timing thing, no real way to explain how to get it every time. You have to learn it yourself.

God I wish it was that easy but Im seriously boiling with rage the quick work connects when he’s in the corner if i do it mid screen I CANT get him to DASH he just stupidly stands there even though I input commands to dash, I know it can be done, Ive seen it I’m missing something,

You just have to keep practicing. It’s all timing and it can be a total pain in the ass to learn. For me it only clicked after I started trying it with either Nova or Wesker as the dummy. When I watched them fall I dashed at what I thought was near the last possible second to be able to dash and get the launcher and it worked. Once I had that down I tried to forget the visual cue and practice the timing since different characters fall differently. The timing on the dash is always the same though.

Also, you can do it with a button dash. I use a button dash.

just dash at the last second. His launcher comes out in 5 frames, thats fast as hell

Why do people say that you can’t use a one button dash for dashing into cr. M after quickwork?

I’m trying mission 10 soon :stuck_out_tongue:


Like others have said, you just have to dash much later than you think. It requires practice in order to learn the specific timing where Deadpool becomes free to dash after quick work hits. Also you can most definitely wavedash out of quickwork, not sure why anyone is suggesting you can’t.

Spend a lot of time in training mode first as Deadpool is much harder to play online with lag

i play with default controls on an xbox pad,and the way i do it is when you quick work,you dash RIGHT as they are about to hit the ground.<div>the second you hit dash,let go of the button and just use launcher</div>

I’m not sure if you guys saw this. I was over Chris crib the other day and this dash method is off the hook! Also those silent sanwa buttons are gdlk too.