Dashing on Stick


How do you dash on a stick?
How to do it effectively?
Do you use two attack buttons or tap direction twice?
My hand cant seem to react fast enough, when I tap twice on dashing. I get stunned and like my arm wont move the joystick… Ugh this learning curve is stressing me out.


two buttons bro! trust me.


I’m guessing you’re now to using an arcade stick. You’ll get used to dashing with the joystick in time, but for now you’ll suck.


It’s all in the wrist.


Try slamming it twice instead of trying to just move it twice. Like, not violently but don’t grip the stick at all and just sorta tap it twice fast with two fingers/thumb(depending on direction). I dunno how to explain it any better. I suck at explaining.


In mvc3, using the two atk button dash makes it much easier to wave dash.


Read the stickies in the newbie dojo. Tech talk is for tech questions (IE, stick modding and repair).