Dashing + tri jumping

i wanted to ask you guys what you guys down when you dash or tri jump

when dashing on the ground…

do you guys tap forward twice or just push PP? im asking because all the good players here say that they just tap forward twice.

when tri jumping…

do you guys super jump or normal jump?

thank you

ok. i use super jump with mag, specifically with hk because it gives more time after you land (or at least its a lot easier for me).

its all up to the player. only difference is tapping forward twice you can do while ur in blockstun, and when you’re out, you might just have to press forward 1 more time. dashing with PP you have to time when u let your guard down. you need to let go of the stick to drop your block, then press PP to dash in - most players forget this and get pissed because they didnt dash when they weren’t in blockstun.

overall i recommend tapping forward twice just because u can do it while in blockstun. PP might cause u to push unnecessary stuff

about the tri jump thing with storm i just normal jump with lk, land, c.lk, c.mp, c.hk sj ad u/f, lk, mk, LAxxLS yeah the damage scaling isnt so hot with that but the DHC into sentinel is still deadly

My joystick is really bad so i am in the habit of doing foward+forward for dashing instead of PP
When i do cr.lk,cr.lk+sent rocketpunch with mags, i do forwardforward because if i screw up, i get one s.hp instead of doing the five fierce or whatever i do. IMO–its more reliable.
and i use a mix of normal jumping and superjumping… i think i use more normal jumps though.

I usually use PP outside of combos.

Unfortunately my tap-tap to the left leaves much to be desired.

It’s generally accepted that you want to do normal jumps when doing overheads because the superjump has a visual cue (the initial splash) that opponents can react to.

As for dashing, it really depends on your style. Zaza has a technique he calls “reversing a dash”, which is basically timing a dash motion so it comes out right after you come out of blockstun. It’s possible to do that with PP (and he in fact originally learned it with the two punches), but the double tap gives you more leeway.

I tap twice, unless I wave dash, then it’s 2PP, oddly enough.