Dashing under fireballs

Hello everyone.

I apologize in advance if this is common knowledge. I have been searching through the vast amount of pages/threads on Juri and couldn’t find a post on it.

Juri can dash forward under the following characters fireballs. Some are easier than others.

Sagat (high)

This does not work with Ryu, Ken, Sakura, or Chun Li

I found you really have to wait till the last second, and due to her counter i don’t know how useful this could be but just throwing it out there.

Again, I’m very sorry if this is common knowledge.


Iunno… I never did this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: because I do use her counter or something. Cool info though ;D thanks for sharing… I do know you can dash under Sagat’s Ultra 1 though… with Juri… (not sure about any other character… probably though).

Which version? har har har…

I think this is more of a flashy thing to do because you have her counter which gets you further but it can be punished I think. I think the only person I would attempt this on is Guile if you’re close enough to dash in and punish with something.

The counter is predictable and punishable. I don’t really see any reason you would ever use that against a fireball unless its Ryu’s Ultra or something. With proper prediction/timing, you can punish some of the slower recovery fireballs.