for the people who cant do the standing 720, would it be better to do the dashing 720? Or is dashing altogether bad for Hugo? My main problem is that when I start the match, I get use to dishing damage. So I sometimes refuse to hold back. That is when I get supered or just rtfd. How do I combat the jumping Roundhouse by the fcking shotos? Eddie W youre my hero.


if a shoto knocks u down… and their in ur face and they jump back with rh when u wake up… I know about this situation very well…

crouch… why cuz if u stand even if u block the j.rh the shoto is safe cuz they bounce back and a air grab will get hit too… so the way to deal with it is to just block low just in case they go low and if they jump back with j.rh while they were in ur face u can ex clothesline em out of the air as they jump back… that will teach em…

there are plenty of non st.720 setups… uoh gigas is my favorite… best time to dash in gigas is after a clap or a j.rh or fp… cuz from my exp people tell me that hugos dash in the middle of a rushdown looks like an attack cuz of his arm movement so it makes em block…


well, when you dash is perfect for the low forward super from shotos and chun. and dashing is the only way i could do the 720 everytime. i mess up a lot doing clap and will somehow buffer a 720 in there, but i dont understand the tachi. ive seen the vid where some dude walks a bit forward then pops out with gigas. :wow: is uoh a lot easier like dashing to buffer the 2 360s in? How often do you get to land the three claps combo? I rarely get to do it. Whats better to force weirdos to jump, cr. forward, cr. light kick, or others? do you find that hugo is limited to variety? meaning of course not as many options as ken, but almost the same gameplay every match, so mixing up the opponent becomes harder and harder?

so many questions, thas why i created my own thread


of course chun and ken has a free c.mk super on hugos dash… but if u do it after a j.fp or j.rh, there stuck in block stun while ur dashing and u get there just in time when they recover from block…

dash after a lp>clap or a mp>clap… if u dash in after a fp clap the block stun is too long and ur 720 will whiff…

3 claps only works on c.opponents… fp,mp,lp> clap…

hugos mixup game is considered one of the scariest in the game… mainly because u can’t just BLOCK vs hugo when hes on top of u… it is not hard to mix up vs opponents… especially on their wake up… hugos has 1/3 chance of getting damage on an opponent when he’s close… either c.hit,overhead or 360… its scary enough when u get grabbed by hugos 360 as soon as u get up… that wake up tactic alone forces ur opponent to make mistakes… like jumping on wake up or dragon punching, etc…


The 3 claps combo isn’t ideal in a real game… it’s better off if you stick to fp -> lp -> anything… works on both standing and crouching opp and timing ain’t too tight…
i land that combo maybe once in a few games… there just aren’t too many chances to use it
the same can be said for tachi 720, ppl would not have hugo walk right in front of them and not react… to me the only time to use tachi is on a wake up opp… i don’t think ppl should waste their time practicing it


Speaking of claps… how do you guys go about actually hitting people with the :hp: clap? It’s so slow!



Yeah, I kinda of got discouraged from using that clap. Whenever I do use it I usually do it as a meaty & if they parry I cancel right into gigas, other than that I maybe just cancel it off of a c.lk of c.lp. I’ll throw out lp & mp claps then randomly throw out a hp clap to confuse the opponent.

Gigas on waking opponents is pretty good, I land it once in a while, I usually just whiff a c.lk right before they get up.

c.lk -> lp clap, lk lariat, gigas is also good for a set up, only works on crouching chars though