Dasrik and StiltMan teach Blackheart

There’s nothing more to say. The subject says it all…


I have some questions and some comments.

First, when I was home, a friend of mine was playing Blackheart/Spiral/Doom to some success. His tactic was to force them to block ground strings with Spiral’s assist to build meter, and chip them with inferno+doomXXHOD.

Now, I know infernoXXHOD can be GC’d out of, but what if it’s air blocked? Still GCable?

Is there a way to time doom rocks so that they can’t GC out?

When he had them in a corner, he’d jump in fp, land, wk&spiral ground, rejump fk, land, wk+doom, mk, fk, infernoXXHOD.

Is that escapable? It was working fairly well here, but we’re not exactly the mecha of gaming comp. It seemed like a pretty solid tactic to use if the opportunity arised.

Is BH/Doom a good combo? I know Spiral can’t really gain too much from them except a wierd AA and some chip/teleport.

Do you have an tips for someone who IS seriously wanting to play the team, regardless if spiral/sent/capcom is better?

Thanks Eric, Das.

Well… it’s possible, but results are so inconsistent I would almost tell you to go ahead and do it on a midair Cable anyway. But, your results may vary. In any case, the only thing I can tell you is to keep trying it. If you get shot too many times for your liking, then you can always stop doing it.

I want to say something complicated, but the most I can say is to make sure they block the rocks between the Inferno and the HOD.

It’s a hard tactic to escape. Blackheart has always been good at keeping people cornered. The best thing you can do is find an opening to get out. Something to keep in mind is that if you block a S.Roundhouse from BH, there’s space between the kick and the goblins to get an assist in there. That could be his ass.

BH/Doom is an excellent combo. The fact that I can’t really say WHY it is should be enough to tell you.

IMO, Doom/Blackheart/Commando is the best way to play this team. Sure it’s old, but if your comp is weaned off of SRK instead of actual play, Doom/BH/Commando can certainly get away with winning for a long time. The strategy I always do is to just not lose with Doom until I get 2 meters, then DHC into Blackheart via APA xx HOD. Of course, this means you have to learn Doom, but learning a new character is never a waste of time.

Eventually, when your BH gets better, you might want to move on to BH/Cable/Doom. Team Nyte for life.

I’ll take more questions later.

While on the topic of BH/Doom, what about BH/Strider/Doom? Stall and build meter with BH, then Inferno xx HoD and DHC to Strider to start the trap seems like an ok plan to me.

One thing I’ve been trying is after a cycle of the Sti/Doom trap is almost finished, I call BH instead of Doom. Once they leave blockstun from the inferno, I try to sneak a throw in. Then once they hit the ground (rolling or not) I can start up Ouroboros again safely. My other option is to back them in a corner with the trap, then try to tick throw with hk while calling BH. If I get the throw, the inferno connects and bounces them straight up and I get a chance to cross up by dashing under them then c.lk, launcher, air combo or whatever. And if they block the cross up, I go for bomb/bird/doggie xx Orbs to keep them blocking.

What I want to know is, is there a better way I could be using BH’s assist in this team, or should I just stick with Doom 100% when Strider is on point? And more importantly, if Doom is dead or on the brink of death, can I use BH’s AAA as a passable replacement for him and still trap with any amount of success? Even though the inferno only hits twice at most (I think), making for lousy chip damage, it stays on the screen for a decent amount of time (whether it’s holding them in blockstun or not is an entirely different story).

Sorry if this just sounds like a bunch of Strider questions, but what I’m focusing on here is how to put BH’s assist to use, so I figured it’d be better to ask here than to try asking in the Strider forums.

Also, how would you suggest opening a match with Blackheart on point? I tend to jump back and stick out the tail, which I guess works ok, but what are his other options?

Last thing: with BH/Doom, is there any reliable way to call doom, throw, then hit them with Inferno xx HoD off of the rocks? I’ve gotten it to work like once with the hk throw, so I know it’s possible, but is it possible to do this consistantly?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions, advice, or comments.

It’s a great team on paper. BH builds oodles of meter, then Strider burns it on chip. In practice, you’re going to have to pretty much be on defense all the time, and that kinda sucks. But I would like to see a BH/Strider/Doom team succeed.

That sounds like a good plan. I’m not a Strider player, so I couldn’t tell you the pros/cons of that. Play around with it.

See above. Sorry I can’t be of more help, but this IS a Blackheart thread, not a Strider thread.

My favorite opening gambits:

  • jump up jab, pretty fast and beats most other jump starters.
  • crouch block. You should know by now what this is for.
  • low short. This isn’t very fast, but it works from time to time.

Blackheart’s throws are full of lag, so my experiments with Throws Into Assists haven’t had much success. Sorry to disappoint.

ricardo, got a chance to test out the combo yet?

also whose the best partner overall for blackheart?

commando (anti-air)
cyke (aaa)
doom (aaa)
tron bonne (projectile)
sentinel (ground)
sentinel (projectile)
cable (anti-air)
cable (projectile) **

What would you say would be the method of play for a BH/Cable/Doom team? I’m too used to playing as BH/Cable/Commando to comprehend the change of pace:p

I think Commando and Doom are the best partners for Blackheart. I also like Y-Sentinel and Cyclops a lot, and messed with Storm and Guile assists for awhile.

BH/Cable/Doom is pretty different from BH/Cable/Commando, I’m sure. But since I hate BH/Cable teams anyway, I’m not in a good position to answer this question. All I can say is, you’re probably better off being offensive with BH/Cable/Doom, and defensive with BH/Cable/Commando.

What is Blackheart’s best “bang for his buck” air combo?

Are his infinites worth using?

Besides Cable’s AHVB, is there anything else I should be worried about after I do any combo (like Inferno XX HOD) that causes Blackheart to dash into screen, leaving him vulnerable for that small window?

My usual team is BH/Cable/Capcom. Besides Doom, and others mentioned in this thread, are there any other chars that are fun to play with BH?

Any help is most appreciated.

SJ.Jab -> SJ.Strong, airdash forward immediately. SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong. End in air throw, or SJ.Forward -> SJ.Fierce in the corner (this sets up a good situation. The demons will hit the opponent in the back if they try anything when they get up, so keep that in mind.)

If you want to give your opponent a fuckload of meter for very little damage, then sure.

It’s not so much that he’s vulnerable as that he’s stuck there for quite awhile. It gives the opponent positioning advantage.

If you really like Blackheart, you can play him with anyone you want. I’ve paired him with Morrigan, Jin, Guile and Silver Samurai, though.

I just start using Storm/BH/cyclops:capcom
Think this team will work???storm and BH is both safe to switch in and out…

Can i get some advice on playing Cable with the Blacky…

BH owns Sentinel!!!:slight_smile:

how about blackheart/hulk aA, that team is pimped out

BH/Storm/Commando is my old team. I’ve switched it out in favor of Team Watts, but I’ll still fight it on certain people where Cable is an issue. The team suffers from not really having a good combo, but that can be assuaged somewhat by switching Cyclops for Commando (do inferno into armageddon into hail for some pimped out damage).

BH/Hulk would work too. Hulk is a pimp, but that’s another thread. Put him on Gamma Charge assist. Doing BH’s low shorts somewhat slow with Hulk assist into inferno xx HOD should combo.

d+short+hulkaa, short, inferno armageddon combos nicely, and then hulk can smash on the dhc :evil: hulk smashhhhhhhhhhh

on a serious note, can bh/doom keep away any serious rush down from the big 3? :bluu:

Okay, I should probably say something in here somewhere.

I was playing Team Watts, and for BH in his own right, that very well may be the best way to go. The main issues are snapbacks and dealing with Cable. It takes a very good BH and Sentinel to deal with even a half decent Cable, and a really good one is probably going to own you for giggles.

I’m currently starting to like my old Sent-A/Cable/BH team in various orders again. There are a few matchups that get a little hairy for it but I think it’s probably going to be my favorite team again before long without much question.

The best throw for Tias involving BH is a low air throw. You can combo a juggernaut-b call off this. I’m sure there are others you can call. As far as Tias along the ground, BH’s throws suck.

There aren’t any terribly practical throw-into-assist moves that I know of with BH, no.

Agreed. If you have to wait for the person’s ass to normal jump, have Jugg-b, call him and airthrow, that’s very impractical.

What are some teams that are good for BH?

It’s been awhile since I’ve used BH and I want to see the opinions of players that know WTF they’re doing like you and Dasrik.

50 Cent, I find that combo works best when you go dlk, call Hulk-b, dmk.


I edited the quote by adding numbers to make it easier to follow later. Thanks for your list Dasrik.

That list looks similar to the one I’d have made.

Random thoughts on the teams
1-4] were expected,
5] has a nostalgic feel reminding me of Doom, BH, Cyc,
6] I tested this team out on Dreamcast and thought it was okay. I never got to fire it off on a player. I liked the fact that if Storm touches you and has 3 levels you’re dead. [dlk, hk,call Guile, sj hk, AD UF, LA XX LS, DHC JD so every projectile hits, DHC sonic hurricane. Everyone has at least 1 assist they can use with deadly efficiency.
7] I’m surprised [pleasantly] that a Morrigan team was on the list. It looks like an evolution of BH, Morrigan, Cyc Viscant mentioned years ago [before one of the SRK apocalypses].

-Breaking it down based on what’s posted here, it looks like, BH/Sent, BH/Doom, BH/Capcom[or other sweet AA like Guile or Jin for example].

Random questions:
-BH/Morr/Capcom. Can you give a small guide to how these 3 interact? Also, is Morrigan on AA?

Can’t wait for Stilt’s list also. I’d find it interesting to see the differences between the two.