Dat charlie shit

quite an intresting character who can take advantage of charge partitioning and dash booms. Not to mention that after a banana kick in the air, there are some very solid options you can attempt for big life. He is looping shit up left and right.

Once I’m done editing the video, I will post up the knowledge to the video here a long with a few extra things.

ohno?! charlie ron

There will be more info in these posts than in the video.

I got 90% of the video done so I’m gonna post whats in it. Low tiers are fun when combined with tron. The next one i’ll probably do will be about speed up wolvie but that will be a while.

some pretty cool shit. I kinda like some of this over the spiderman shit.

lets get some minor things out the way since I’ll probably be writing some paragraphs.

c.lk+tron, c.mk, cancel qcf+pp, can be followed up into dash, launcher. Really easy, solid life on hit+options, safe on block, and decent start up.

on hit, c.lk+tron, c.mp, dash in, c.lp, wait c.lp, tick throw, dash s.lk+tron, qcf+kk. Solid life, safe is missed and you can store a charge for the followup. Boom or w\e, I’ll get into that. The thing about this setup is that after most people get hit by a solid tron combo is to block. 50%life immediately, they won’t do anything to risky. So the throw is a good option because of the free follow up. Fake the throw with a delay c.lk, c.mp. If this hits, link c.lk, c.mk, qcb+kk iirc. That should hit everyone.

Didn’t really mess with the guard breaks but I’m sure he has something. charlie had an unblockable from the djb13 vid iirc. That’'ll be a decent option but I’m thinking some type of air chain, call tron, BK is going to work. The BK will OTG them into tron if the distancing is right, land launch.

any time charlie gets a hit, I’ve been doing launch, sj.lp, s.mp, RH banana kick.

Now if they don’t roll, the falling sj.rh otg will lead to big options so you’ll probably have most people roll this so here are some options to counter the BK roll.

once people roll I believe they can call their helper for free on wake up. These options are designed for a bait first. If they call their helper, block and call tron then option out.

Use these setups once your opponent respects the counter call.

Once you land from the BK and the opponent rolls these options can be used.

option 1. land, jupbck, d.lk when in range+tron, c.lk.

option1 is a reverse hit box. Charlie is looking the wrong direction in this setup but d.lk hits fat on both sides. Probably his best xup normal. Something to point out on this setup is that tron will come from behind the opponent so its a forced sandwhich right there.

option 1a. land, jupbck, d.lk+tron, land, sj LK BK, this will xup then use d.lk, c.lk to get another hi\lo option. On hit follow it up with another BK setup

option2. land, dash back, call tron, c.lk will be a cross through. If the cross through hits, you can follow up into another BK setup. charlie has his back turned to the opponent has he’s dashing so on this case too, tron will come out backwards and force a sandwhich. That type of momentum is what causes a cross through.

option 2a. If option 2 gets blocked, dash in c.lk, sj LK BK, j.d.lk, c.lk

option 3. land, c.rh to face the wrong way, call tron late.

once your opponent rolls from the BK, they’ll be 50-60% screen away from you. Charlie doesn’t have a poke that long. This setup allows tron to move the character all they way back to charlie and force another sandwhich setup. You can say its a 50-60% screen setup on wake up. If your opponent blocks, SJ LK BK, d.lk\j.rh for a mixup attempt.

option 4. land, dash back, upbck+tron, RH BK.

this setup is a double mixup if there’s no auto guard. The first mixup comes from the jupbck+tron. The 2nd comes from the RH BK after that.

option 5. dash back, tick throw. Pretty obvious one but its good to point out that charlies tick throw can do 70% life. They’ll start blocking the glitchy shit then you chuck them.

Aside from the tick throw, @ the end of any of these options, c.fp, sj.lp, sj.mp BK repeat options will work. Option tree that loops into itself over and over.


I got a few charge tricks I use with strider and they transfer slightly different to charlie. I haven’t figured how to dash flash kick yet so these are pretty much all dash boom setups.

c.lk and hold charge DB, c.mp, dash back cancel boom can be done.

2p’s to dash fwd and immediately hit back, hit 2p’s to dash back, neutral 2p’s fwd+p

This a fwd, bck, fwd sonic boom setup. Now how applicable are dash booms in marvel? depends on the character. It goes down the list, strider is very nasty with a dash bomb but guile and bbhood are also charge characters so this technique is applied to them all to some degree of effectiveness.

after any jump, a charge is stored.

a full dash fwd or back and a boom charge is stored.

dash back, immediate c.lk is a sliding hit box type of thing. The move will come out but its moving across the screen. If you do this backwards, you can cause hit stun, move away from the opp and store a charge. Doing it fwd is a charge partition if you go low. He’ll slide fwd with a c.lk so it gives you time to charge DB while sliding fwd.

charge DB for 1 sec, hld bck, hit 2p’s, w\o going back to neutral roll to DB, roll to back again, hit 2p’s, cancel boom.

What you’re doing in this one is double dashing backwards while charging and it can be done an infinite amount of times. By canceling the first dash with DB, its maintaining a charge so by going to back again hit 2p’s, you’ve been charging the whole time.

2p’s dash fwd, s.lk, s.mp cancel boom. Very good fwd dash charge setup. Don’t know if s.mp hits all character sizes?

I’ll post up more another time.

Wow, nice stuff man. I had no idea about some of his hitboxes. :tup:

hows that video coming? sounds really interesting thanks good stuff.

wait nevermind i was thinking you posted that in June not July

charlie vid will be done by tonight hopefully.

Should be interesting. I must say, I play with Charlie, and can’t sleep on his skills, but I tried some of the charge partitioning tips you mentioned (from wavedash and etc.) and never got any positive results. I didn’t try for too long (maybe 5 mins, before I went back to Akuma stuff), but I will be pleased to see the vid as well. I can easily do blockstrings into SBs + assist and wavedash in front of the SB to do another blockstring, last SB is blocked during, repeat…but I am charging off of my normals of course and not partitioning. Also, partitioning in Marvel? It’s good to know, but the usual question: how valuable do you think it would be to use this in-match given the pace of the game? EDIT: If you get that partitioning trick down for dash up Flash Kick (add assist), then that’s another story. You mentioned being able to partition the charge moves of Strider and ? as well. How does this work with Strider? Charge back, send animals, then forward + necessary input (hk? i think) and the bomb will still come out despite the qcf+p/k?

Another note: After doing the following:

(After launch) sj. lp/lk, sj. mp/mk xx BK (lol ok)

When I set the cpu to Safe Fall and tried to do the Nj back into d+lk for the meaty cross-up, I realized Charlie does not jump back that far. So, do you dash backwards once first and then do the j. d+lk into Tron? Most of this stuff, you will likely be covering in the vid I’m sure. Again, look forward to it.

so here it is :arazz:

part 2 will cover more boom stuff like fwd, fwd, boom cancel, rapid boom setups and hopefully by then, I’ve figured out how to do a dash flash kick.

almost figured out that dash flash kick but thats for another day


just uploaded it so give it a second

haha! Holy Shit! That j. d+lk hits deeeeeeeeeep lol but…the opponent still just has to block left, right? So, it doesn’t cross up, but moreso serves as a surprise? Cable has ample time to assist call btw…being that Tron sandwiches from behind him, I guess she is mostly safe, but I wonder what she could stop w/ her rings from behind the opponent or will the opponent be able to just block the rings and prevent their own assist from eating the damage…I dunno.

I like your 2nd option. That shit crosses up.

Option 3, you perform the cr.hk to allow your back to stay turned long enough so that your assist call drops behind your opponent for a sandwich effect. No cross-up, but a damn good surprise.

Option 4, you reset Option 1. Dat Charlie BK shit.

Option 5…that shit crosses up lol. Funny thing is, you can go 50/50 on that by just inputting your BK faster after your assist call. In that split second, the opponent’s direction could very well be changed from facing right, to facing left. Dat Charlie BK shit.


In the 1st example, I didn’t even see what really happened. I say this b/c Charlie can charge a SB off of a s.lk, s.mp anyway.

2nd example, I see it.

c.lk, c.mp, c.lk, c.mk - I didn’t know ol’ boy Charles could do that. Got that Dhalsim flow. Pretty Neat. 3-hit block string just upgraded to a 4-hit, possibly 5.

Ok, you say that a full dash forward or back will result in a charged SB…does that mean that after Charlie dashes, he can just tap forward + P and get a SB? If so…wow.

(e.g., PP, b (no charge), f + P = SB? ; b + PP, b (no charge), f + P = SB?)
Damn, you answer this 2:55…BADASS!!! Dash, SB Free Charge!!!

SBs off of multiple back dashes do not give free charge though? Here you notate that you are actually charging in a manner from B to DB. This is not partitioned charging though.

I like the vid. You stepped my Charlie game up by showing me how to add extra SBs into my pressure game via dashing. At the end of your vid, the last example is what I’m referring to.

Overall, :tup: to Dat Charlie Shit (Tron ftw)


Thats fun how he gets to Spidermannitt and just keep you guessing at some simple mixups, and on top of that, some of those craftier ones don’t even look fair.

Definitely one of the finer low tier breakdowns in awhile, so keep it up. Got me inspired to break down Giefest Hits vol. 3 :] we’re goin strictly low-tier


Correction to some things I thought after the video:

  1. Charlie CAN’T charge a SB long enough off of just a s.lk, s.mp…Shoultzula stored charge from his fwd dash. Neat

  2. Charlie can’t do: c.lk, c.mp, c.lk, c.mk and then connect c.hk…so just a 4-hit possible string
    (I was messing around and discovered that Akuma could do c.lk, c.mp/c.mk, c.lk but it is pretty much useless as it is only off of a dash in and still rarely connects)

I was having a bit of fun doing b+PP, db+PP into SBs yesterday. Good stuff. Had no idea.

I’ll answer questions if there are any.

your charles in charge stuff is so retarted… you make marvel look so damn goofy lol

good shit

thank you sir!

whats really good with that IM shit though. Fuck charlie, I want that cheap top shit :woot:

last few things before I put charlie on the back burner

2p immediately hld back, neutral 2p, fwd+p

fwd, fwd, boom

throwing a boom like charge, fwd, db, boom will allow you to rapidly throw booms as one immediately recovers. ST style. The thing is, you can do this regardless of range. You can be point blank and still have this work.

as one boom hits, store a charge, dash boom on contact for rapid booms.

still haven’t figured out a guaranteed GB yet.

unblockable on the way in with qcf+kk, is a decent option.

opponent coming in from a GB or snapout, call tron, qcf+kk and make this look ambiguous as fuck. To the point where you yourself don’t know which way it will hit.

c.lk, c.mp, link c.lk, c.mk, cancel qcb+kk is a link combo thats very hit confirmable.

charlies c.fp doesn’t have the best priority but calling tron, cancel flash kick is something that tops won’t have an easy time stopping. Tron covers charlie descend angle allowing him to do something after the AA attempt.

The priority on the BK is retarded. Combined with tron makes it for a very good coming in tool from proper ranges. On hit, it will OTG into tron for big life forcing the opponent to roll if possible.

with charlie ron, what you want to do is create a sandwhich pin. Where charlie is on one side of the opponent and tron is on the other side. From this position, SJ BK, d.lk\j.rh will always work properly. When you try this from the positioning where charlie ron is on the same side of the opponent, the delay in this mixup is too long and its very easy to stop. The sandwhich gives the best positioning and time for a mixup.

Great vid for someone starting Charlie the right way. Creative tactics and vid was easy to follow.

Time to pick up Charlie:woot:

regarding the sliding charge in the video. I forgot to mention that the way I was doing this was exactly like magneto’s rom. Index and middle finger on the P’s to create the dash, then my thumb hits LK.

Whenever you SJ, you give the opponent the chance to mix you up as you land. Charlies BK gives him such weird ass angles that its pretty hard to mix him up as he lands. So he can dodge the landing mixup and counter.

who would be a good AA to pair up with them? Cyke? You can use to AA to do Charlie’s guard break in the corner against a incoming char.