Dat Everquest now free to play, COME AND JOIN US


Hey yall

Everquest is now f2p only after 100 years.

What’s that only 4 races/classes are free what is this shit?


if you want to remember what it was to be a man, me and ayo on the luclin server kickin asses


oh jesus free accounts get 4 inventory slots


sounds fucking horrible, race limit and you can carry your gear, sweet.


i shall soldier on

Perrywinkle the gnome fighter must kill a billion snakes


I quit back when snakes could still kick.

I’ll probably be back.


ahh kicking snakes
and casting skunks


Skunks were OP mages.

Gnome Force gonna put the fear in those snakes and dire rabbits.


This is a textbook example of how to utterly abysmally fail to turn the tide of the advent of an unstoppable juggernaught.

D3 is rolling straight D20s, and it’s pips for DAYS.


TF2 and DCUO are my F2P games, until D3 drops in a month

oops, D3 drops in May


Don’t play that shitty version of EQ, play project1999.


Great population, totally classic.


Can I find this at everquest dat com?


I made a dwarf priest once. Got to lvl 3. I would do dancing jigs in front of the dwarf city as a way to beg for copper from all the shiny people in their cool armor by pressing the side arrows really fast. Once a noble adventurer tossed 10 PLAT!!))!)101 at my feet and the it seemed the world was mine. Then a bat killed me somewhere I couldn’t find. And so ended the adventures of the unremembered dwarf.

I just remember being 16 and was like, we 3-D now!! My EQ experience lasted all of one night at a friends house, and I could not fathom how people reached lvl 17 after all the bats I killed. Hundreds of bats fell to my copper sword that night