Dat Metaknight


having only played this game a few times I can surely say that metaknight is good material, but he really lacks K.O. power. combos come fairly easy too.
lets discuss him please:woot:


I break B buttons with my tornados. :rofl:


can that move be used to keep good spacing?


I like it. Decent recovery. Wouldn’t rely on it as a dedicated spacer, though.


ahhh I see. how is down smash. also what moves would I want rely on if I have my opponent in a high percentage and want to K.O. them since he lacks a little :sweat:


I main him and it’s safe to say he is the akuma of brawl! great offense but terrible defense he gets KO’ed starting around 70%:sad:

IMO it’s a fair trade off because he can rack up damage very fast, alot of his attacks (mainly fair, nair, and tornado) have great priority, he’s fast, and he has gdlke recovery.

General tips:

-spam tornado alot it does alotta damage and cleanly beats out most attacks even a few projectiles like samus’s missiles (don’t forget to tap b during it).
-Spam short hop+fair it’s a great offensive tactic anytime and the best way to chase opponents off the stage
-use neutral A as a defensive tactic it has a large hitbox in front AND behind (if you do it against a wall it’s an infinite:badboy:)
-down smash is his best KO move use it when u get them above 100% it’s also a great launcher to start combos i suggest following it up with up smash or up tilt.
-side B is nonpunishable at max distance think of it as claws rolling crystal flash (don’t forget to aim it down at the end).
-his best KO moves are down smash and forward smash.
-After you find shuttle loop’s sweet spot try to catch opponent’s off guard with it it has surprisingly good knockback.

Overall meta knight is one of the better characters that’s alot of fun to use but has a difficult learning curve because getting hit over 70% is usually a KO more often then not so be aggressive but when u get to higher %'s use hit and run tactics.


^ very helpful sir.


Metaknight is a cheap ass bitch.

I love him.


How is he a cheap ass bitch? he gets KO’ed easily at 70% :rofl:

What exactly do you think is “cheap about him”?



Very fast. Good priority. Good range.

That tornado beats almost everything in the game it’s retarded.

Great at building damage.

If you are dying at 70% somehting is wrong.

With good DI he lives to about 100% to 110%.

He can easily chase people off the stage and force them to airdodge which can screw up thier recovery if they aren’t high.

His F-tilt combo is a solid natural combo.

His d-tilt is a great spacing tool. It has IASA frames and it can make opponents trip so he can geta free d-smash after it or a free grab or a free f-tilt combo.

All his specials double as recovery moves.

All of his aerials are beastly and useful.

Yeah, he is a cheap ass bitch.


-He gets consistently KO’ed starting at 80% (90 is pushing it) even with DI against most characters smashes so please make a youtube vid to prove me wrong.
-Other then shuttle loops his B moves leave him very vulnerable.
-In the air he feels slower and much floatier then other characters AKA less maneuverable.
-He can’t KO easily even his best kill moves (down and forward smash) seem to fall just short of KO’ing more often then not.

He’s a great character with alot of strengths but also has his share of obvious weaknesses to keep him well balanced. If you think meta knight is cheap then what do you call santhrax? or claw after knockdown? or a-groove bison+blanka with meter?

The word “cheap” needlessly gets thrown around so often here on SRK so unless your referring to hammer bros or O.sagat then don’t call anyone cheap. I thought u might have been joking but judging from your last post you honestly believe him to be cheap AKA game breaking AKA unfairly too good…i think eddie from GGAC would like to have a word with you:wink:



There seems to be some misunderstanding here.

Do you think that I think being cheap is bad?

Dude…being a cheap ass bitch is awesome.


…Yeah lets just go with that:looney:

Anyways it’s very interesting that brawl has such a well balanced cast yet is still very matchup heavy, for MK I think our worst matches are against anyone with good recovery because it negates any knock back MK can do

EDIT: I just found out we can do neutral A combo into FS:looney:


Oh hell no

  • You must mean the heavier characters getting a nice solid hit off, because Metaknight does not die consistently at 80% unless you get hit by one of those.

-His other b moves are very good for recovery. Did you know that his forward B consistently beats out certain projectiles, and he goes through them to hit the opponent? Also if you are slightly under the stage the ending animation will pop you up and back abit, which means you can grab onto the ledge more easily.

Down b can be useful for recovery, but mostly only for edge grabbing. I’ve sometimes managed to bait someone into trying to attack me near the edge as I was coming back so I can teleport behind them… but yeah thats rare and I still haven’t explored it enough.

-Metaknight slow in the air? Oh hell no, this little ball of awesome is able to chase people down in the air extremely well. His forward air is pretty good, but his up air is AMAZING when you are chasing someone above you. His down air covers an arc to his sides, and his nuetral air (if placed right) is actually a good killing move. His movement is abit floaty but his priority makes it so that he can rush towards someone and take them the fuck out in the air. Also with so many jumps I’d say he’s plenty maneuverable.

-First off his forward smash is pretty bad, it lags too long for my taste to be considered a good kill move. His down smash is in fact his greatest kill move… even when someone is only in the 80’s. Why you ask? Because it knocks them off the stage where he can then hound the opponent down and finish the job. It feels like a setup / kill move all in one, I make sure to abuse it whenever I see an opening on the ground.

-I agree that he can’t KO easily in the normal sense, but he isn’t that bad off.

[edit] I want to add that I agree with Emblem Lord, everything he mentioned in post #10 is very spot on to my experiences with the Knight.


I haven’t really noticed who I was playing but on wifi all day today when I use MK if i’m over 80% and they get a clean hit on me not matter how fast I DI i’m dead I remember a good rob player bair’ed me to death when i was at 75%.

I don’t use forward B that much unless i’m far away enough so I don’t get punished if they shield it but i’l test out it’s priority later today.

I meant after he uses a B move in the air he just feels very vulnerable and IMO fair is a better KO move then uair though neither is that great in general.

IMO forward smash is his best kill move next to down smash because it actually kills decently:rofl: but overall I feel uair is only good for combo/racking up damage NOT KO’s but i’ll test it out later today to be sure.

Hit me up later today for some MK vs MK action.


up air is mostly for racking up damage yeah, but you can also up air into a forward air, or up air into shuttle loop clean hit. It’s pretty versatile, but off the edge I only use it when they are above me and I really can’t use his other aerials.


Uair into up B is a great KO move unfortunately it’s kinda risky since you can’t cancel the glide immediately:sad:


+Meta’s down smash is possibly the most disgusting move in the game. Comes out as fast as his N-a’s and kos with little to no trouble at all.

  • Reach reminds me of marth’s from melee.
  • Has little to no lag on alot of moves.
  • Tornado has STUPID priority (it stopped a fucking hammer. I’m serious)
  • N-a has long reach, good priority, wide attack radius.

Fuck meta knight. He’s cheap as fuck.


Now that I’m starting to get the hang of the mechanics of the game, I’m really liking the shorthopping NAir and FAir. Way too easy to start pressure.

I like staying in the air for a long time, but I obviously can’t do much after Shuttle Loop. Any advice for properly gliding and floating around the stage without risking a lot?


Lessee…I’m maining metaknight, and I gotta agree with what’s been said. He’s quick, high priority, lacks killing power, and is a little light, but makes up for it with amazing recovery. Here’s some of my tricks you guys haven’t mentioned yet.

  • Spacing fair at max distance and then DIing away from them if they shield is completely safe from shield grab.

  • Gliding A has INSTANT landing recovery. If you do it low to the ground, you are in standing state ready to attack. If it hits at low percentages, it can combo into things like Down Smash, and if they block it, you can just throw them.

  • You can do his jumping glide to gain some horizontal movement speed. He is very slow in the air compared to a lot of characters like wario, so if you need to close the gap in the air, glide up to them, and either jump out of it or do Glide A into more attacks since it recovers instantly.

  • Jump uair combos into itself. Once they DI too far away for another to hit, finish with fair or up B.

  • Edge guarding is the way you kill with metaknight, don’t be scared to jump off the side and chase someone. If they try to come back from low, hit them with nair or dair. If they try to come back high, intercept them with up B and immediately cancel and fall back down to the stage. If they try to hang on the ledge, hover over them and when the invincibility frames are gone, you can nair them to spike them off the side of the level.

  • dair has a sweet spot on the very starting and ending points. It sends at a low horizontal angle, so abuse that shit. You can also short hop instant dair for pressure and spacing.

  • In a wake-up situation, you can use short hop dair to easily hit people wherever they may roll. If you’re attentive, you can punish them in ANY way they try to get up. Hit them at the end of their roll or standing up animation when they are vulnerable.

  • dair is also extremely safe. You can do it out of a shorthop and then jump up and do it again. Your opponent can’t punish it because you never land.

  • Another way to avoid getting shield grabbed in the air is to cross over someone. dair as you jump behind them or nair for a completely safe approach.

  • You can do neutral dimensional cape from the ledge to regrab it and stall, and maximize your invincibility frames.

  • The trick for doing dimensional cape’s follow up is to release B after the initial teleport, then press it again and hold it down. The attack isn’t that great, but it can be used to get out of dangerous air situations. Say if you’re out of jumps and someone is approaching you from below, dimensional cape under them before you get hit and then reverse the situation.