DAT PIPE! Richmond VA's first MvC3 Tourney @ Strange Matter! 3/5/2010


Saturday, March 5 · 1:00pm - 8:00pm

Strange Matter
921 W Grace St
Richmond, VA

Created By
VCU Fight Club, Robin Palm

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CoHosted by the Chinese Student Association of VCU.

5$ !
Xbox mainly! PS3s will be available if both competitors are ok w/ it!

Double Elimination. 2 of 3 Matches. Etc Etc. Bring your own controller!

We will also be accepting donations for the Autism Society of Central Virginia!

This will also count as the first RVA Ranbat!


is plentiful around the venue, but it’s in a city, so you’re going to either have to be crafty or pay some money.
In front of the Venue is metered parking at .50 an hour. I’m not really sure if the meters are checked on saturdays, but they only go until 6pm anyway.

Beside the venue is a lot with “Honor Box” paid parking for 6$. However, you can’t leave your space once you park there.

One block away on broad street is VCU’s parking deck for the Siegal Center and the bookstore. The lot is usually open on weekends and is free if no events are being run. If an event is going on, parking is like 5 dollars. This is my recommended parking solution.

There are also hotels:

The all around best choice for hotel is the comfort inn on broad st.
The holiday inn on boulevard and other really cheap options are around but are kinda in the ghetto,

There is always the holiday inn express/Omni/or Jefferson downtown if you are ballin.

Im ballin…hm, been a minute since ive seen you guys, i’ll come under 1 stipulation, you have to be drinking!

I’m there I’m gonna try to have some stream equipment by the next one. Would we b able to use strangee matters internet?

Will there be other games? I might make the trip down for this.

I’ve thought about other games, but it’s probably not worth the hassle at this point.
I could set arcade 3s, cvs2, and mvc2 on freeplay though, and have a setup for super.

MvC2 tourney - ill put in a pot bonus.

(PS. It’s a better game)

I’ll gladly run 3s if it helps

I really don’t have a problem w/ people running tourneys for the arcade games when the MvC3 tourney is over. That’s all on you however. It’s my goal to provide a quick, clean, fast tourney without all the craziness that happened last time.