Dat Pipe



hello, this has me throwing away my controller in rage for a while. Is there anyway to get around people who just spam Haggar’s pipe? It seems I can’t get anywhere around it.


While I wish I had a definitive answer, I don’t. Zoning with projectiles makes pipe spamming a bit more iffy and I hear some characters launchers will hit Haggar before the pipe itself.

Which characters though, you’ll have to test for yourself.


You can always air grab as the pipe is coming out if they are close enough. I have only seen true pipe spammers that are backed by drones, in that case, hopefully you have some sort of beam assist/super to clear out sent.


it’s too dangerous to challenge the pipe while it’s coming out, even if you have a pretty consistent counter.

think of it this way: let’s say you’re able to air throw him before the pipe becomes active 2 times in a row. you land 2 combos on him (which were scaled from the throw), so he still has a little bit of health left. If you go for it a 3rd time and mess up, he’ll pipe you and you’re dead. Risk / reward is heavily in his favor.

you can’t beat haggar with your point character (unless you’re hawkeye or zero). you have to beat him with your assists. find a long range assist that you can hide behind, like beams or drones. if he’s just jumping around throwing out pipe he’s bound to get hit by the assist projectile sooner or later, and that’s when you attack him.

if he starts super jumping over your assists, that’s when you can start air throwing him with less risk.

if he gets you in the corner, pushblock the next pipe then superjump the F out of there.

edit: actually, the easiest way to stop pipe is to just pick Hulk and press H


Any move with armor beats pipe easily. If all he’s doing is jump pipe, you can challenge it with a faster move. I know franks stand S has beaten my jump pipe.


If I get too predictable with my pipe’s or I space it poorly my friends will air throw me or just have buttons out there to hit me b4 it gets to the active state. Good luck doing that online though.


I constantly have issues trying to air grab him out of pipe. Then again, we are talking about online.


Hate that lead pipe with a passion, can’t tell you how many times my head hurts from getting smacked by that damn thing.


Curious as to what zero can do to beat pipe


most Zeros just stay out of pipe range and air-buster it, then cancel to lightning.

but you gotta be careful with the lightning followup, cause if Haggar senses a buster->lightning coming he can lariat through all of it


*With the right assist and pressure the Pipe can beat anything. *


Pick Magneto/Dorm/Doom (Missiles). No more problems.


training mode record a loop for jump forward (dat pipe) repeat. you might have better luck punishing if you find specific spaced situations where you block. Chicken block. Advance guard. Dont advance guard after pipe see if you have an AA that might help you. Or if your backdash is good enough try a whiff punish. Really it all comes down to just seeing what works because that move can be a pain if you don’t understand it.


I’ve had people who played somewhat faster characters dash under when they expect the pipe. It works… but haggar’s pipe can potentially cross-up so be careful!


yup and haggar will glady take all that chip to get in.He has so much health he doesn’t care then pipe…you’re dead…pipe is broken.


If they are just spamming it usually a counter moves(Ammy Reflector, Task shield etc.) will help.


The key to fighting Haggar is understanding when to not challenge him. You have to learn which moves for your characters can open him up and which are too risky to use. Because he has such high health and high damage output, he has less to fear about going on the offensive. Zone the fuck out of him if you happen to have a character that can, and keep your patience.


Magneto.Taskmaster.Wesker. Wouldn’t that be the best characters against him since wesker and task have counters while magneto can repulse him all day.


one thing i like to do is if i know they are waiting to counter or chicken block the pipe, i cancel into wild swing to throw their timing off. it’s a funny way of opening people up. since pipe has so much guardstun, it gives you the opportunity to switch into the swing, which has very little in comparison, and get an unexpected throw or something.