DAT Rush Down Chun

Sure chun is a great (god-tier) turtle. But we all know this can be tiresome, the chun rush down tips and tricks anyone?

watch every amir video out there. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him turtle anyone but shadinis chun.

watch rikimaru also, hes a very aggressive chun li.
chun rushdown is at its best when you can get your mk kara throw mixup going and using ticking into throw or backfierce and then just straight up throwing.
if your using the mk kara they will have to start guess teching the throw so that you can low forward a throw whiff or you can downparry if they crouch tech.

toward and roundhouse can be a safe approach to get over sweeps when you are getting near your opponent, but watch out for like a counterpoke c.mk xx sa3 from ken if you spam it. also keep in mind your HK cant be thrown close or far so if your up in their grill and they throw allot use that more.
those are some things that helped me rush down better with chun, hope that helps.

keep them away with forward HP , down MK, then rush throw, mix it up with tick throws, D.MK into sbk, flip kicks , also counter alot of jumps with your jumping ward LK, very fast

just wanted to say that after thinking about it i think turtle chun is A++ tier but Rushdown is S++++ tier. if you go by the dominant styles in japan and the US right now rush down is winning.
nuki, rikimaru and MOV are the 3 best japanese chuns. and they are aggro.
Raoh used be to be considered the best but is just not at Nuki’s level because he turtles and waits for opportunities where Nuki makes them happen.

i see it as the opposite of what happened to Mester’s yun. Mester was number 1 with the attack style yun but KOs runaway style yun got more wins and became the dominant style. I feel this is where chun is going as far as rushdown being better.

whatchayall think?

of course, certain matchups/playstyles you should just turtle cuz its a free win if you do. oro for example.