Data CDs & Car CD/MP3 Players

I have a cd/mp3 player in my car and whenever i make a data cd i make folders for the mp3’s so that they play for each album, i’ve made alotta data cds before because u can put like 7 albums on one disc, but recently with one data cd i made im having a problem, it has 8 folders and the last folder of mp3’s only has 3 songs in it (its 3 bonus songs to an album on the cd),and they always skip in that 8th folder…

i’ve listened to the mp3’s on a different computers, on mp3 players, on my cell phones mp3 player and the mp3s dont skip on there but when i put those same 3 mp3’s on a cdr as a data disc, they skip as if the cd is scratched up but its a brand new disc…, sometimes it causes the other mp3’s on that disc to skip as well, is it that theres too many folders (8 folders) on the disc? i usually only make 7 folders, could that be the reason why its skipping? any other reasons why this might be happening? is there something i can do to the mp3’s themselves? or possible suggestions to fix this problem? thanks for any help

What kind of cd/mp3 player is it?

it came standard with my 2007 pontiac g5

I think that can happen if the bitrate of the mp3 isn’t stable. I have some mp3s that flucuate from 128 to 192 to 200-something, and up and around. It’s in how the song was ripped.

when encoding to MP3, you can choose a constant or variable bitrate. It sounds like the player does support variable bitrate. Reencode the mp3 to a bitrate and format to match the others and you’ll be fine.

how do you encode a mp3?

prolly the easiest is to use WinAmp, and this plugin:

load the scratchy mp3 into winamp, set the output plugin to the Lame Out plugin, tell it where you want the file to be placed, and what bitrate (constant bitrate, somewhere between 128 and 196kbps) and hit Play.

thanks im gonna go d/l winamp and the plug in and see if that works, i checked the bitrate on the 3 mp3’s that keep skipping and they were set to 320…so thats not a constant bitrate?

ok im new to winamp so how exactly do u load a song onto there and edit it? and how do you use the plug in? i installed it but dont know how to run the plug in to get to where you’re talkn bout where i can reencode it