Data on Character Wakeups?

Some characters get up faster than others. This screws with timings on safejumps, oki setups. I wonder if there is a reference that has character wake speeds. Could not find on SF4 wiki or EventHubs.

Off the top of my head, Adon and Fei Long wake faster than normal characters.

Not sure about Super, but I recall from vanilla that Blanka had the slowest wakeup, followed by standing Cammy, followed by Sagat/crouching Cammy/standing Seth. The rest of the cast was faster but I don’t know the order.

Fastest to slowest

  1. adon
  2. everyone else
  3. sagat/cammy-probably 1 frame slower than cat. 2
  4. blanka-slowest… by far

el fuerte- between 2 and 4…

i basically compiled this from and my own opinions. if anyone has other opinions/correct data, please share.

PS. It was pretty surprising how eita, tokido, and jwong did not prepare for adon. it looked like they were using cat 2 setups on adons wakedown non stop…i think they did not have proof that adon wakes up the fastest, but thinking he just had some special move with some insane properties. I sure didnt think adon had the fastest wakeup until the commentators pointed that out

In the changes and labwork sticky.

This is posted in its own thread, but thought it probably should go here for prosperity.
Reformatted the original data, and added L2 FA crumples.
Post Ryu d+HK
Normal speed - Ryu, Honda, Sakura, Dhalsim, Claw, Boxer, Fuerte, Juri, Hakan, Guy, Cody, Deejay,THawk, Dudley, Makoto
1 Frame faster - Ibuki
7 Frames faster - Adon***
1 Frame slower - Sagat, Cammy
2 Frames Slower - Blanka

Post Ryu L2 FA
Normal Speed - Juri, Guy, Cody, Deejay, THawk, Dudley, Ibuki, Makoto, Honda, Sakura, Boxer, Fuerte, Ryu, Cammy
1 Frame slower - Sagat, Claw, Blanka, Dhalsim
2 Frames slower - Adon
5 Frames slower - Hakan

****Checked this multiple times. Seems adon just gets up really fast.

7 frames faster and he has a DP? holy shit.

This explains why I screw up safejumps against Adon. Damns I need to go and test these out in the lab.

JD: Gosh you had me rolling with your “Reason for editing.” :rofl:

Wow, Adon wakes significantly faster on untechable sweep knd, but slower on focus crumple? Weird and interesting.

I want to confirm Fei as waking faster. I tested with Bison forward throw. Against Sagat, Cammy, Honda he can forward throw, take one step, j.fp safely against those reversals. This is impossible against Fei; with this same visual benchmark, j.fp eats reversal flame kick for free.

This would be amazing with Hakan’s untechable knockdowns. Of course, it’d take ages to compile for every character and I doubt anyone is willing to do it. lol