Date Change! Team Nexus: SSR IV, SSBB Tournament on June 28 in San Bernardino, CA

Hey Everyone! We’re Team Nexus, and we’ve been around the Socal region for the last couple of years hosting tournaments. So far, we’ve hosted three Smash Bros. tournaments, and we’ve recently announced the fourth tournament in our Smash Series. We know that Shoryuken isn’t a Smash Bros. site specifically, but we thought people form here might wanna know about it, and also we plan on hosting tournaments for ALL kinds of games, not just Smash (we’re thinking of doing a Street Fighter: Third Strike//Guilty Gear tournament next). Anyways, the date of our next tournament, Super Smash Royale 4, will be on June 28, 2008.

Please Note: a lot of this thread is copied from our Smashboards thread, where people have a history with us

The address is:

2900 North E. Street
San Bernardino, CA 92404

The tournament will start at 11:00 A.M. You can come as early as 9:30-10:00 if you want to get some early practice in.

This tournament is going to be a celebration of everything that is Smash. Nintendo has graced us since the N64 days with great games and a fantastic fighting series. This tournament will be covering all three Smash games: Smash 64, Melee, and of course, Brawl.

Like every time, here is what you can expect from a Nexus tournament:

**- Singles Competition

  • Doubles Competition
  • Our famous projector
  • Entrance into our raffle for a $50 gift card to Gamecrazy (and other prizes to be announced) JUST FOR SHOWING UP
  • Medals and trophies for 1st-3rd place for each competition
  • Our 1-Dollar Concession Stand
  • And of course?. FREE PENS!!**

Since Brawl has come out, we have been watching the Smash scene very carefully, and have especially taken note of the new wave of players that the game has brought in, as well as the longing that many have had to keep playing Melee. This is why we decided to include Melee and N64 into our tournament. However, because we don?t have the resources to have unlimited entries into all competitions, we will be having a limited entry into the N64 and Melee competitions. Please take note of this because if you are not careful, you may lose out on your chance to enter.

Smash 64 and Melee will be having limited entry. We will be having a 16-man bracket for Smash 64, and a 32-man bracket for Smash Melee (this is subject to change if we see a huge demand for people to play either game). Please also note, that we will based on how much coverage 64 and Melee get in future tournaments by the reaction from the community from this tournament. So, if you want to see Melee or 64 in the future, it?s important that you come and show support for them. Also, you can ONLY register for these games online at our website: WE WILL NOT BE TAKING REGISTRATION FOR THESE GAMES AT THE DOOR.

That?s right, we now have online registration. Nexus has come a long way since you?ve seen us in the last year. We have filed a fictitious business name with our county, and have filed with the state and become a corporation. In addition to this, we have a corporate bank account, which means that we can now operate as a business, as opposed to just two people who are running tournaments. For you, this means better, more organized tournaments and a knowledge that you are dealing with people who are serious about hosting the best tournaments around.

We worked hard to open a separate bank account also so that we could have online registration for our tournaments. This is a big difference from before, and we did it so that we could have a lot more organization on the day of the tournament. We can now seed and set up brackets prior to the tournament, so that way we can start the tournament on time, and have things run a lot smoother.

**Please note, you can also register online for the Brawl portion of the tournament, but it isn?t required because there will be no cap for people to enter for Brawl. (Although we heavily encourage it) **

The entry fee//prize structure will be as follows: (Please note that from the Melee and 64 pots we will be taking 30% of the pot and then distributing the rest as it shows, just like every other tournament).

Brawl Singles: $10
Brawl Doubles: $20 ($10 per person)
Melee Singles: $5
Smash 64 Singles: $5
Admission Fee $5


Brawl Singles
1st Place: $500 Plus a free Nexus T-shirt and a Trophy
2nd Place: $250 Plus a free Nexus T-shirt and a Trophy
3rd Place: $75 Plus a free Nexus T-shirt and a Trophy

Brawl Doubles
1st Place: 60% of the Pot Plus a free Nexus T-shirt and a Medal
2nd Place: 30% of the Pot Plus a free Nexus T-shirt and a Medal
3rd Place: 10% of the Pot Plus a free Nexus T-shirt and a Medal

1st Place : 60% of the Pot Plus a free Nexus T-shirt and a Medal
2nd Place: 30% of the Pot Plus a free Nexus T-shirt and a Medal
3rd Place 10% of the Pot Plus a free Nexus T-shirt and a Medal

Smash 64
1st Place : 60% of the Pot Plus a free Nexus T-shirt and a Medal
2nd Place: 30% of the Pot Plus a free Nexus T-shirt and a Medal
3rd Place 10% of the Pot Plus a free Nexus T-shirt and a Medal


The rules for Melee and 64 will be the standard ones you?re used to. Brawl will be similar to all of the other tournaments in the region. If you want to see them in detail, please visit: . We have rule sets for all three games listed there.

Nexus Tournament-Specific Rules

  • We will be starting our tournament ON TIME this time around. We have watched and been to many other tournament, and we can?t remember the last time we actually saw a tournament start exactly on time. We know, smashers have a tendency to be late, but this makes the whole tournament run a lot later than it should, and makes everyone?s day longer. Therefore, we will be very strict about match-calling and about when we start the tournament. We will start Brawl Doubles and Melee//64 matches AT 11:00 A.M. You will have a 1-hour timeframe, from 11-12:00 to show up for your first match. After that, you cannot register for Brawl Doubles, and you will be DQed from Melee//64 on the spot.

  • You can register for Brawl Singles up until we make the brackets. After that, it?ll be too late. We will start Brawl Singles around the time that Brawl doubles is finishing.
    Keep an ear out for when you?re called to a match. We will be very strict about people reporting to their match timely. If you are called, you will have 15 minutes to report to your T.V. If you go out to eat, or leave the venue, you only have 15 minutes from when we call you to get back, or **YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MATCH. ** At our last tournament, and at many others we?ve been to, we?ve seen people leave and go to eat and it?s held up the tournament for up to hours, because a whole line of matches on a bracket was held up because of it. We will call your name lots of times, and go around the venue to look for you. But ultimately, it?s the player?s responsibility to come to the front desk and to have an idea of when they will be competing, and how long until their next match. Please note, we will not be giving preferential treatment to well-known players who have a shot at the money. If you aren?t there, you?re losing your match.

  • Respecting other players and the tournament host is mandatory. We will **not **tolerate any spiteful name-calling, or throwing controllers or anything that is unsportsmanlike. If you start a fight, or start throwing a fit over a lost match, you will be disqualified from the entire tournament. It?s a game, guys. Play to have fun.

  • On the note of sportsmanship, we will be requiring that all matches in the tournament be played until the end. We cannot stop you from colluding to split the prize money after the tournament, but in the name of sportsmanship, **every match of the tournament up to the finals will be REQUIRED to be played out. ** These people pay to see a finals match, and it?s a disservice to the community for the top two people to just take the money and run home. So please keep in mind that if you make it to the finals, you need to play the championship match throughout.

This time around, we will have volunteers helping us run our tournament. One major job they will have is watching T.V?s and making sure people are reporting their matches. You will have a volunteer assigned to your T.V when you compete. When you finish your match, report your winner to them and they will report it to us. A big problem at tournaments, and a large reason why our last one was held up until 2:00 A.M. was because people would finish matches, not report them, and then proceed to play friendlies on their T.V. We have invested a lot of time into getting people from your community who want tournaments to be better to volunteer their time to make sure that things run smoothly. Please treat them with respect, and make sure that you tell them when you finish a match.

Lastly, speaking of T.V?s, we will NEED T.V?s, Wiis, Gamecubes, and N64?s for the tournament (like always). If you bring something, you will receive an extra raffle ticket per item you bring. So far, we can provide 6 T.V?s, 2 Wiis, a gamecube, and one N64. We will probably be getting at least a couple more T.V?s ourselves that we can provide. Our goal is to have 20 T.V?s total, with 1-2 going to N64, 4-5 going to Melee, and around 15 for Brawl. If you can, please help us out by bringing as much as you can. As people volunteer to bring equipment, we will update our site with your names.

This tournament is gonna be a big one, so start getting ready now!

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us at: or go to our website:

Good Luck to everyone competing, we?ll be seeing you soon!

Update, June 2, 2008

  1. The date of the tournament has changed from the 21 to the 28 of June (the next weekend)
  2. We will also be having teams for Melee

~ Team Nexus

For those who are interested, the date of the tournament changed from the 21 to the 28 of June. Apparently, someone on the church died recently and they want to use it for a funeral service on that day x_X.

How long do Brawl Doubles usually last? Meaning if I show up at 11am how many hours will I wait to play Singles.

That depends on how many people show up vs how many T.V’s people volunteer to bring. We’ve got a big crowd coming and a lot of people who volunteered, but it’s not certain. I’d guesstimate though around 3-4ish singles should be starting.

Ok. Thanks for the reply.

Since I live 5mins away and could walk there I’ll probably just check in at time intervals since you’re expecting a big crowd.

No marvel love?? =(

no but seriously if you host a marvel tourny in SB i can get a lot of people to go.

That would be great. We’re planning on holding some combination of Marvel vs Capcom 2//Guilty Great// Third Strike tourney soon, so we’ll definitely keep this forum in mind for when we do =D

Tourney’s next weekend!

We updated the site with a schedule of events:

No one’s guessed the game from Know-Your-Roots. If you think you can it’s a free entry.

WE NEED MORE T.V’S AND WIIS, if you can bring one e-mail us or post it here, we’ve almost hit our goal!

Good luck to everyone, we’ll see you all next weekend!

I had forgotten about this recently. I’ll definitely be there.


Gaaahhh we’ve been working from sunup to sundown for the last 2 days getting ready for this (soooo tireddddd =[[[[[ )


Make sure you come EARLY to this!! We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you GET HERE at 10 in the morning. Registration will START then (or earlier for the earlybirds), and we will be STARTING the tournament at 11, this does not mean to show up at 11 unless you wanna wait in a huge line.

We’re also gonna put up the address again on just in case you forgot.

Good luck to everyone, we’ll see you tomorrow!