*DATE UPDATE* Milton Madness II(FOR REAL THIS TIME) 07/26/09

Hey everyone sorry about the last tournament falling through, There were some problems, but they have now been resolved.
I hope that this tourney will be as good as the last one!



WHERE: Play 'N Trade video games
1155 Maple Avenue, Unit 6 Milton, ON
Phone (905)-864-1768

Get off of the 401 at james snow pkwy, heading south.
Turn right on Main ST.
Turn right on Sinclair.
Follow sinclair untill you hit the galaxy cinema/premiere fitness, its in the same plaza.

WHEN: The tournament will be on sunday the 26th of july starting at 3:00 PM,
Registration will begin at 1:00, please be on time.

REGISTRATION: Registration will be $10.00 if you can please let me know on this forum if you are coming or not.

SITE FEE: Sadly from now on since we kinda confiscate the store, there will be a $10 site fee for the day, to help compensate the store owner for any potential loss in buisness due to a couple dozen rowdy street fighter players :P.

SIDE EVENTS: This time i would like to a couple side events if there is interest.It looks like blazblue and ST will be for sure, and street fighter 3 3s if there is enough interest the day of!

FORMAT(Street fighter 4):
Double round elimination Best of 3 matches, Finals/semi-finals best of 5 matches
Entry $10
Prizes will be 70%/20%/10% of total entry fee pool.
Please bring exact change if possible i dont know if i’ll have enough change for everyone

FORMAT(Side Events):
Double round elimination Best of 3 matches, Finals/semi-finals best of 5 matches
Entry $5
Prizes will be 70%/20%/10% of total entry fee pool.
Please bring exact change if possible i dont know if i’ll have enough change for everyone

Extra info:
-There will be up to 6 TV’s available for playing on both ps3 and xbox360
-Bring your own stick they wont be provided (i only have 2 of my own :frowning: )
-If you want to play with console characters please bring your hard drive, nothing is unlocked on the hard drives in the store (though the one i am bringing has all chars unlocked for 360)
-Any extra copies of sf4 you could bring would be helpful, we dont want to have to open extra games.
-We will be providing tables, and some chairs, however feel free to bring your own.

  • We could also use some extra PS3’s since I know that is the console of choice for most people, if you feel like bringing one please let me know

If i left anything out or there are any problems please let me know. I hope we get as good a turnout for this as the last one! lets make this one just as good :D.

PS: Please pre-reg here if you can so i get an idea of how many people are coming. Also vote on your favorite side events (even ones not listed) and the most popular ones will be run.

hold on is this on a friday? if it is count me out. Also i think this is actually AFTER evo.

Although I would be extremely tempted to skip out on work to come to this since I work in Oakville.

Any chance of getting HDR as a side game?

EVO is the weekend before this.

The 24th is a Friday.

Really? i thought that evo was in august, and ill check the date, i thought 24th was saturday…

If I bring a PS3+SF4+controllers will I get admission discounts? Everyone+color+action+costume will be unlocked too. HDR also on it if that is to be a sideshow.

mind fuckery with the dates!

Edited all but title… cant figure out how to change that, and yes its the 25th, the saturday, and i’m just dumb for thinking evo was in august, again as said in the post, MY FAIL!

You might want to change the title Tsuroka.

Also check your pms.

There we go i found out how to edit the title and took out all the evo stuff, sorry again about screwing up the dates lol

Any chance of hosting BB as a side tourney?

You wanna lose money that bad???

yes i’m hoping to be able to host bb as the main side event if all goes according to plan.

ALSO!!! it might be that this has to be done on the sunday (26th) instead, any thoughts? (i know that its unusual to hold tourneys on sunday) so let me know if this changes wheather or not you can attend!

If you don’t mind me asking, how come the date is floating between saturday and sunday now?

Just curious.

The last one didn’t go beyond 7PM so I don’t expect it to be a problem for myself, or most other people. The only people that would have to worry are people who need to work Monday morning if it goes late.

I’d lose money in SFIV too lol.

I already booked off the 25.

Also I’m running an ST side on my laptop.

the reason that i’m thinking of switching to the sunday is for convenience of the store owner and of myself, i was recently rebooked on a trip to banff(that i was unable to attend and found out the other day, i can actually go to it) and i dont get back till the 25th, and running a tournament on the same day as i get back from travel seems sub-optimal. and i dont expect it to go late at all (probably similar to the last one in length)

How many people coming to this are interested in me running an ST side?

Also Tsuroka don’t worry if you can’t run this event on Saturday I’ll try to switch shifts with somebody.

Is BB confirmed as a side game? I also wouldn’t mind playing some classic ST.

Me = ST.