*DATECHANGE*Canada Cup 2012 Wild Card Qualifier - Regina, SK - September 29/2012




DATE: Saturday, September 29, 2012

LOCATION: The Matrix Gaming Center - 566 McIntire Street; Regina, Saskatchewan

Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition v2012: WILD CARD QUALIFIER
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Mortal Kombat
Super Street Fighter 2: HD Remix (classic mode)

**SCHEDULE: **Doors at Noon, Registration at 1pm, Games at 2pm

Winner of SSF4 Arcade Edition will also get a plane ticket to Calgary, and an opportunity to play in the wild card qualifier tournament at Canada Cup (Open to Canadian players only.)

**VENUE FEE: **$10.00 (handled by matrix staff, they’ll take your money upon entry into the venue.)

**TOURNAMENT FEE: **each tournament will be $10.00 per entry on top of the venue fee.

**SPONSORS: **We are happy to have Canada Cup Gaming as our first official sponsor.



Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition

this tournament will be a character lock tournament as there can’t be doubles of a character on a team in the 5v5 international. Air has Ryu locked down. (If you choose to use Ryu in the tournament you are ineligible to play in the wild card qualifier at Canada Cup)

Double Elimination Tournament
2/3 rounds, 2/3 games, 99 seconds
all final matches will be played 3/5 games.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Double elimination
2/3 games
3/5 for finals.

Mortal Kombat
Double elimination
2/3 games
3/5 finals

Super Street Fighter 2: HDRemix
Game will be played under classic mode
Double elimination
2/3 games
3/5 finals


EDIT: I chose to move the date a couple weeks later in order for us to have a possible stream. EDIT2: updated poster with new date.


mods could I get a sticky please. Thanks.


I have big land deal I may have to follow up on so I’ll most likely be coming down.
If you make a FB page I"ll try and send out invites to other Canadians.


I’m hype. Missed the april tourney but hype for this. I see no reason I won’t be able to make it down from toon town.

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damn. I’ll see what I can do but it’ll definitely be tight with the beginning of school among other things.
And the only game there I play is SF4. Although I could probably go for SF2 too, haven’t played it for forever though.


I’ll try to make it down. Gonna need a ride to Regina though. AE and Marvel is looking pretty good to me.


Rics ban will be upheld at this event.

a sticky plzzzz mods.

umm, im getting pretty hype.


so far I have merlin and chao down for setups. Norman? I’m not sure who else brought one last time but I’m making a list of whose bringing what so could you please post in here if you’re okay with bringing everything. I’d rather just go ahead and use our own stuff rather then deal with the headaches of trying to make their stuff work for us.

Norman, do you still have the thing you set up the projector with last time?


Lets see if I can get a car load of ppl,

Is anyone streaming this?


I’m still looking for the people that streamed the SC tournament last time to help us out. None of us really have the know-how in Sask.

Worst case is that we’ll be recording matches and uploading afterwards.


Lap if you roll through Edm I can bring my stream setup an stream the event.

How many people do you expect for Marvel?


Are you sure? The Calgary qualifier is the next day. :looney:


Our marvel players are mostly based in Saskatoon so it really depends how many of them come out. Also some of the chipdamage dudes are thinking about coming over and a few of them play marvel.


I may have to fly down lol


get meeee a sticky please! is contra still the guy? i messaged him a few days ago.


so it’s on the 29th, correct?(just making sure)


that is correct.


Good luck with this


I imagine me, darcius, flubsy, gojiB, anubis, will show up. Also where is Persona?


if you bring a copy you can play it at the venue like last time.