Datel arcade pro button install help please! Sticking


Hey, just started modding a datel arcade pro. I sanded down all of the button holes and put in sanwa obsf 30’s, the problem is that more than half the buttons are sticking.

2 are fine, 3 are sticking on and off, like when you press repeatedly sometimes it will stick but go back up, and 3 just stick and stay stuck and you have to unclip under the case.

Any ideas what could be causing this? All the buttons are brand new weren’t sticking outside the case, or even when they were half in, its only when i pushed them right in they started sticking.

Any help would be great,



The wires underneath might be pressed close in physically to the switches, is there a lot of room in there? If there are obstructions to the switch that prevent a nice clean/downpress then they can get stuck physically.


i havent added any wires yet so theres nothing but space, when i flip the case over and have a look the clips are stuck down and i have to unclip them to make buttons pop back up. I can’t see what they are getting stuck against though as theres nothing down there. The first button i put in was getting stuck but now its one of the fine ones =/


I had that problem. It was because the holes, while big enough to fit the buttons, were still too small. They were pressing the sides of the buttons in a little causing the plastic to bend and the plunger to catch. Take out one of the buttons that is sticking and try widening the hole a little more and put it back in.

Worked for me.