Datel Arcade Pro PCB replacement

My recently modded Datel Arcade Pro arcade stick broke today. The main source of the issue seems to be the PCB board. The B/O button is constantly on turbo and activates when I press any button, yet doesn’t activate when I press the B/O button. So what im wondering is if anyone or any store sells the Datel Arcade Pro PCB by itself. Cuz I really dont want to invest $60 in another Datel stick.

Hey there, sorry about your stick. You can buy the pcb separately from (under the brand Paewang Revolution), but the cost is the same as the entire stick because he just rips them out of the stick to cut down on postage.

You might be able to fix your existing one though. Can you answer the following questions?

  1. Was the original button pcb connected to the main pcb with metal pins, or with a flimsy ribbon cable?

  2. Did you solder your button wires directly to the pcb? If so, have you checked the board to make sure no solder bridges have been created (check elsewhere on the board for stray flecks of solder too)?

  3. Can you post pics of your wiring setup and your soldering? Both sides of the pcb would be good.

It sounds like you may have created an issue when you originally modded the stick that has only just started to affect the stick’s performance.

If it can’t be salvaged, then there are a couple of things to consider. You can replace the pcb with a different pcb. You can get a zero delay ps2/3 encoder from ebay for about $20 (get the one with red/orange pin headers), and get a decent ps2 to 360 converter for the same price, and you will have a dual console solution once more.

You won’t find a single pcb that does ps3 and xbox 360 for less than the price of the datel, sadly.

Finally, the pcb is the most valuable part of this stick - if that dies, then you’re left with a fairly average (substandard even) stick carcass.

Since you have modded the stick I assume you have 8 good quality buttons and a stick. I really recommend just getting a madcatz SE or brawlstick for xbox 360 second hand, and a chimp smd pcb, and putting your buttons and joystick in that. You can probably get these for $60 in total, and you will have a much sturdier stick in the long run.

Hope that helps!

Im not sure what you mean by the first question, but I did solder the wires on the PCB, and I checked for flakes, there seems to be none. plus if its been working fine for 1-2 years I dont think thats the issue, but im no pcb board engineer so idk. Thanks for the info btw

also seems like etokki doesn’t sell PCB only anymore

I guess tearing the PCBs out of sticks with out any additional cost is getting too much for them, specially with Omni production.