Datel arcade stick pro question

I was wondering does anyone know the size differences between the datel arcade stick pro and the street fighter 4 SE.

I believe are both roughly the same size. Roughly is the key word here.
Only way to truly settle this is if someone who has both sticks can do a side by side comparison and hopefully some accurate measurements

sounds good to me. im gonna pick up a datel pro stick case for 15 so i just wanted to do some intel on what id need.

I would tell you more if I knew what your looking for

Datel case has a flat surface instead of a front slope, and is ~1inch smaller in width and height.

There are tutorials on how to install a JLF, such as Laugh’s: Paewang Revolution (Mayflash) Modding Tutorial ver. Laugh [Lots of pictures]

The button holes are 28mm. Either get Crown buttons, or use tools to enlarge to 30mm for Japanese buttons.

If you want to replace the top-panel buttons, you need Weco W12M buttons.

I have a Mayflash stick which uses the same exact case as the Datel.

I don’t have a MCZ SE so I can’t do a side by side comparison right now, but I have used them before and I can tell you that the SE case is wider and weighs slightly more. It uses a Vewlix button layout as opposed to the old Hori layout that the Mayflash/Datel uses. And the case has a slant for your palm.

The major difference between the two is that the Mayflash/Datel has less room the the left side of the joystick for your left hand.

My only gripe with my Mayflash is that the top panel is made entirely of plastic, which just doesn’t feel as solid and doesn’t muffle the button sounds as well as the metal top panel used in the SE. But it’s my only PS2 stick, so I don’t complain about it much.