Datel Stick Mod Artwork (plexi)


Hi Guys,

I will work on a Arcade stick mod pretty soon. And I have a few Questions for you guys. Most technical Questions were answered in Cannons Post but a few remain:

How do I get rid of the Ryu artwork on the stick ? After I have a plexi “cover” do I have to get rid of the cover? (waiting for bencao74 to start producing cant wait :smiley: )

Now I need your critical opinion on the two artworks I put together. Please let me know what you think:

I will post the finished stick at the end of the month - if everything goes according to plan

talk to you soon


The bottom one would look better flipped horizontally IMO so there’s less button area covering up the artwork.

Though I really like the colours of the first one you put together <3

AFAIK, you can peel the Ryu artwork off the stick since it’s only held down by glue.


DATEL plexi should arrive today. Hopefully it fits !!


Tried to flip it but there is still some thing missing.

any other suggestions ?

Uploaded with

Uploaded with


What’s this datel plexi you’re going on about

fill me in


bencao74 anounced that he will be producing plexi covers for this stick, however he still needs to check if everything fits.

therefore we will have the news I guess next week, since I have not heard from him today.

I keep you posted!


Because I had to enlarge the holes on mine I doubt the plexi will fit