Datel's Arcade Pro Joystick - Xbox 360/PS3/PC

360/PS3 Dual Modded Stick out of the box…how easy to mod this with Sanwa?

Hello all. I found this stick on Amazon which is supposed to released on Feb. 1st and it says it works on PS3 and 360.

It looks like the Play Asia King of the Fighters stick which is closely related to a mayflash stick. I know the joystick and buttons are pretty bad so just wondering how easy this thing would be to mod with Sanwa parts.

Well, like you said it hasn’t been released yet, but at most, I’m guessing unsoldering if the buttons are soldered directly to the pcb, soldering wires to have qd’s connected, and using a dremel to increase the size of the holes if they aren’t 30mm.

How something like this is being released, I don’t know… especially with the brown haired, blue headband, blue glove Ryu preparing a Metsu Hadou on the box… not to mention the shell which looks the SE shell.

Looks more like a white Mayflash to me. And believe it or not, alot of these sticks with official art get released in Asia despite not having the permission of IP owner.

Forgot about the Mayflash. Sure, I guess.

I’ve seen quite a few sticks sold with art without permission in Taiwan, but I didn’t believe I’d see something like this available in the US.

Interesting. I may have to get one of these. I just hope they didn’t go too crazy with the button layouts.

If the stick looks like the one on the box it can’t be too bad. Looks a bit like a Madcatz SE.

Well the art isn’t official art (looks like some fanart they just got of the net) and it doesn’t say “Street Fighter IV” anywhere on the box.

hrmm juss bookmarked that tab man cuz id love that stick

Now this is intriguing.

Here’s a link to the listing on their site.


Very curious to see if this actually works on both consoles or if it’s another case of “well it has usb so it’ll work on 360!”.

Well if I’m remembering correctly, Datel usually seems to know what it’s doing so I assume these will actually work. How well they work is the big question.

Interesting…it looks like junk, but interesting.

ill buy one for the pcb when it comes out and gets some reviews

If you do, please take some good scans of both sides of the pcb. I’m dying to know if they used the xbox security chip or found a way around it.

A re-branded Mayflash with a generic Ryu look-alike artwork and claims to work on both PS3 and 360? :wonder:

Found a video of this joystick on youtube:


Interesting video. I’m really looking forward to February now. I want to know the truth!

It says it’s already available at the CodeJunkies website that Ragnarok64 posted yesterday.

Here’s the link again:

Hmm, interesting, I’ll wait until I hear some more feedback before plunging.

The case is Mayflash. I just overlayed the image of my Mayflash over this thing and it’s identical.

As far as PCB, it would be interesting if they did bypass XBOX Security. That would make it a very sought after stick for modding.