Dates for South/East/North?

I was curious to know the dates for the preliminary EVO events. I need to book time off work for East (and probably North) before I co-ordinate the Canadian players. I would assume the dates are locked up by now. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Either this is the topic that will finally give us an idea or you’re just gonna get told to wait until it’s officially released.

The official dates for Evo World haven’t been announced yet either have they?


The masses are growing restless!!

EVO North: June 20-22, 2008. Check the Tournaments and Events forum temporarily, that thread might be moved here,

Ooo, I hope they announce the rest soon, I need to buy my plane ticket.

since evo east and ECC are now one in the same it’ll most likely be memorial weekend again.

it will be announced when the contracts are signed, not until.

If you’re implying that Evo East be held at 8otB, I will riot.

Really doubt it. More than likely CT like it was last year.

i’m not

re-read what i said

Hoping in getting another Evo in Austin ;o

hoping for evo east to be in the BIG CITYYYYYY (Manhattan lol). web2zone likes money. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol web2 zone could not handle an event the size of evo east

Seriously, CT so fail.

now for everyone bitching for evo to be here or there who is actually going to go and help them setup

Manhattan? Christ knows I’d help, just how?

EDIT - rushedDown just owned me.

ive been to web 2 zone before
no it cant
even with moving all the pc’s its not big enough

besides its more convenient to have it at a hotel\resort
always easier to have an event at the same place people are staying
helps to keep things running smoother
ie less people late and holding up games or gettin themselves dq

and boo at anyone who wants to change any of the locations your lazy asses should just travel out if u want to go

and in the end the evo staff has the final say
so let them do their thing and bring us another great series of evo tourneys

you’re right I guess…my edit ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

I’ve never been to an evo before so I just made a guess. and you’re right about the convenience in a hotel. but my point still stands…BIG CITYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

btw I don’t mind traveling I just think that NY should hold evo east just because it seems fitting.