David Jaffe "F*** your cinematic games, son!"

he also shits on the notion that games should be MORE, where’s the video game version of citizen kane, etc.

as long as it’s fun, it gets a pass from me. i still like my yakuza games. can’t say the same about dead space series, bioshock, most of the platforming in uncharted series.

Man I respect Daid, but that was some straight up stupid shit. Man I’m gonna go play some Panescap: Torment.

Can’t watch at work but will when I get home but I’ll say that Dead Space 2 shits on 99% of games because of how cinematic it is IMO (at least the sound and light design which is light years ahead of anything else I’ve played).

Jaffe hates the fact that games aren’t as good as they used to be (gameplay wise), because so much time has to be spent on graphics.

Who says it’s a fact? IMO gaming (including but not limited to game play) is better than it’s ever been, we’ve been in a golden age since 07 IMO. And while I respect the differing opinions of others it seems many SRK’ers are just ungrateful, looking for any reason to hate on a game rather than admit they like anything made after 1892 in an effort to gain some ignorant sense of e-cred, either that or a lot of you guys want it to be 1995 forever.

There are literally dozens of games ranging from both “zomg I must play” to “that looks kind of cool” in my backlog from 07- till now and it’s just going to get bigger since real life stops me from playing half as much as I’d like. But to me having too many quality games is much better than 1 or 2 AAA titles a year like how it used to be.

That being said the current climate’s emphasis on graphics, mindless violence, and especially ever ballooning production costs making it all but impossible for smaller developers to stay afloat let alone effectively compete does suck.

Yea well that’s like…your opinion man.

and yet he liked arkham city and skyrim.

Aaaah Jaffe <3 the Tarantino of the gaming world how i love thee <3<3

How is he the Tarantino of the gaming world? I feel like the tarantino of the gaming world would like more cinematic game experiences?

I look at like, Suda51 or Hideo Kojima more of Tarantino of the game world. (Actually, perhaps Suda51 is more kind of like the Takashi Miike of the game world…Dudes just wacky, though Killer7 was one of the greatest gaming stories ever.)

David Jaffe games remind me more of like, really enjoyable B movies. Cheesy, and simple, but really…enjoyable.

does that mean he’s gonna remake segagaga with a rza soundtrack and hang out with jade raymond’s feet?

It’s Suda :stuck_out_tongue: Suda51 is Tarantino.

Disagree with this, there are actually a lot more options for smaller devs than ever before, which is one of the reasons I feel gaming is in a good spot. There is something for everybody right now, hell even shmups made a comeback in the west (as far as releases go). Yea, you’ll have to dig through the indies sometimes, but they’re there.We also saw what Double Fine was able to pull off a few days ago

Yea, when it comes to AAA games/developers, there may be only certain styles of games that get the attention or succeed. Luckily, you don’t need to spend AAA money to produce quality.


but it gave birth to beautiful achievement hunting and deeply fulfilling cutscene-extending mechanics!

Now that i think about it more hes more a Rodriguez than Tarantino

so there’s gonna be a 3d kratos kids game in the future?

I could see Rodriguez making a Twisted Metal movie.


Calling all cars and mickey mania 3D lol

Isn’t God of War 3 a really cinematic game? That whole Cronos boss battle for example. It’s not really a battle, it’s more of a scripted sequence. GOW is full of shit like that.