David Yost (Billy in MMPR) admits he's gay

So yeah apparently he admitted in an interview that he left the show due to him being bashed on set for being gay
Here’s the interview:

No one cares about the blue ranger. :coffee:

Now he just needs to admit he’s bald and mow off that giant hairline.

It’s really fucked up how they treated an OG Ranger like that. Did he seek legal recourse?

WTF happened to him?? In his last few appearances when he was the Blue Ranger, he was the buffest nerd stereotype I ever saw!
Starfire: Did he get the aids?

I read several years ago that Yost’s name was made into a Candian slang word/phrase.

Can any Canadian posters confirm/deny this?

Why does someone’s sexual preference matter???

Never heard of it if it’s true. And the Maritimes has generally the most stereotypically Canadian people you could ever imagine (outside of the whole igloo thing…)

Never heard of it either.

Catchafire: This dude taught us nerds that we could be nerds and still kickass. He taught us what to do! And now he can finally teach us how to suck a fat one.

Its not so much it being a big deal so much as him saying the producers and others drove him off set when apparently there are interviews from one of the producers who says otherwise.

Thats still my boi. I just found out me and my friends waiter at a resturaunt was gay after a year of service. We never guessed it. But didnt think any less of him.

Still a Shock, because I heard Jason (Red Ranger) was the gay one.

OG Ranger is still cool with me…

Nah…that was a pic of some dude that KINDA looked like St. John.

People are mad ignorant,I remember my dad invited a gay friend of his(my dad is not gay) to christmas dinner at my grandmas house,most of the people didn’t wash their hands before they fixed their plate,but when the gay dude went to fix his…My grandma said"we wash our hands before we eat in this house",I know it’s because he’s gay.She’s homophobic and racist as all hell,not accepting of couples that aren’t black,like any race except two black people together.I know she grew up and was involved in segregation times and had to go to another state to school,different times.

:rofl: really who wanted to be the blue ranger when we were kids

Not surprised really, he was the most girlish of the OG rangers. I have been watching some classic Megazord battles from Season 1 and 2, they are still amazing but it is fun to find little defects and bloopers during the fights lol.

That’s fucked up…I never heard of people eating second-hand dick by touching stuff somebody who dingled with a dongle had touched.

the woman thinks you can get aids from blood that’s sitting on the floor,and she’s a nurse.:rofl:

That’s weird because most black people I know are all about washing your hands. Gay or not. I remember my grandmas were all about me washing my hands and eating all of my food on the plate cause “we don’t throw away no food around here”. Could’ve been full as fuck but still had to finish. While my granddads were all about combing that head and looking fresh and smooth. Even if I just got done washing my hands, one in particular would say “I didn’t see you do it so do it again where I can see” she’d make me wash my hands in the kitchen sink and sit there and look too. I was a grown ass man at the time and she’d be telling me not to take too much paper towel and I’d only have two sheets in my hands. I guess just trying to see if I’d listen to her and still looking at me as a kid. :rofl: I like when people say “I’m a grown ass man.”

Although that same grandma would refer to one of my younger cousins as “that little gay one over there” and he was maybe 11 or 12 or something. :rofl:

Damn. He didn’t have to say he’s gay. The instant he popped up in that vid that shit was confirmed.

My god what happened to his hair?


this was in the side bar
they got him talkin about unicorns lol