Davine if ur out there


yo this is dru. if you know who im talking about you prolly still live in gainesville. if you dont surf these forums anymore oh well.



That’s his username if you are looking for him.




Hey Brent!!! Is Alex from LA?!!! Hello Friend!!!


Is that you, John Wayne? Is this me?


I’m joseph from santa cruz and I’d like to dedicate [media=youtube]Hp42GN4ZLgA"[/media] to the girl I saw at the club. we only shared eye contact from across the room for a second but it felt like a lifetime so girl if you see this please PM me cause I know you are out there and is wasn’t just my imagination.


I saw you across the table at and In and Out around DEC last year. You asked about BC salmon and wore SRK clothing. Sexy chin, dark hair with curious eyes. Had fun, want to do it again? Call me.