Davis GGXX #Reloaded tournamant (9/6)

9/6 Labor day tournament “Super Battle Tanaka’s place” results

The tournament ran on my idea of a 3 character format. How it worked was each player had to pick and stick w/ 3 different characters. Then when they face off an opponent, it’s just like a 3 on 3 tournament Japanese style (like super battle opera) except it’s a one man team w/ 3 different characters.

1st- Tanaka "Tanak Force"
2nd- Paul "Kugler"
3rd- Nick Campbell "hah coe"
4th- JC "Rounin"
5th- Scott Lockhart “Spirit Juice” and Nick Yacono "nyacono"
7th- David Cantrell “Scamp” and Jacob "Aggie Fan"
9th- Will “Kamigaze”, Will “Moflika”, Allen “Tee” and Simon “Studmaster”

Special thanks to the Reno Crew for making a “surprise” visit at my doorstep. It meant a lot you guys :tup: Video footage will hopefully be up some day. You guys can maybe see how much we suck. hehe.

As for the characters used, here is the tally as well as who the players used.

Tanaka- Ky, Venom and Johnny
Paul- Johnny, Zappa and Slayer
Campbell- Axl…sorta May and Anji
JC- Robo-Ky, Ky and Testament
Scott- Slayer, Ky and Sol
Yacono- Slayer, Potemkin, Dizzy
Scamp- Dizzy, Faust and May
Jacob- Dizzy, Chipp and Slayer
Will “Kamigaze”- Potemkin, Bridget and Baiken
Will “Moflika”- I-no, Slayer and Dizzy
Tee- Johnny, Slayer and Faust
Simon- Random (Sol and Bridget), Millia

6- Slayers
4- Dizzy
3- Ky, Johnny
2- May, Potemkin, Faust
1- Venom, Sol, Zappa, Axl, Anji, Millia, Chipp, Robo-Ky, Testament, Baiken, Bridget, I-no,
Random- Sol and Bridget

Crazy, I’m trying my best to understand this format. You choose 3 characters and you play 3 out of 5 basically right??? So that ends up being 3x2x3=18 rounds depending if it’s a clear sweep, and if it isn’t, it’s a 3x3x3=27 rounds total. Wow, you guys must have had a long wait in-between. GJ to Nick “hah coe”, way to hold it down for Axl and Anji (GO GO), and Nick “Nyacono” for holding it down for Potemkin ( d :slight_smile: b).


P.S. Me and Rob couldn’t go since we had a friend from Cali that came by, gambled til 5am in the morning and didn’t get to sleep til 6:40am.

The format isn’t bad and we were able to finish it despite using only one TV for the whole thing so we could tape everything. Next time I’d suggest having two VCRs so that two matches can go on at the same time. More than two is possible but unlikely because of the issue with people using certain-style sticks.

Next time we should have a Davis vs. Reno tourney or something like that. Or maybe, to promote friendship instead of separation, some kind of…aw, forget it. We’ll just do whatever we feel like next time.