Dawgtanian's Discoveries



This thread will contain all recent discoveries by myself and will be updated to include the following:

Combos - Basic
Combos - Intermediate
Combos - Advanced
Combos - Artistic (For show purposes / Crowd pleasers)

Normals - Character Specific

Option Selects - Work on all
Option Selects - Character Specific
[]Fei Long - [media=youtube]hytAx337vhk[/media] (29th May 2010)
]Cammy - [media=youtube]3OVT8zKf0us[/media] (3rd June 2010)

Safe moves - Character Specific

Trade Mark Dawgtanian Maneuvers

[]Kara Armour Cancel Ultra Spark
]Juri - [media=youtube]xog1CFYZ3_I[/media] (31st May 2010)
[*]Exhibition Video - [media=youtube]wYWIcDo2v4M[/media] (30th June 2010) Newest!

Example Matches - Character Specific
[]Gouken - [media=youtube]fnXDYE6TGYw[/media] (29th May 2010)
]E Honda - [media=youtube]ketvqvvyUG8[/media] (29th May 2010)
[] Guile - [media=youtube]_rEerm_0zcU[/media] (29th May 2010)
[media=youtube]AfFczlBbTVw[/media] (29th May 2010)
]Juri - [media=youtube]Um2XIz_CdOQ[/media] (29th May 2010)

I hope to contribute largely to supporting the El Fuerte community, not just in Europe, but world wide. This original post will be updated with dates/links when something new has been added.

Please comment, discuss, and contribute!


liking this thread already, good stuff dawg.

on a side note: I like that the fuerte community is putting together more resources, keep it up guys.


Get out of here with these ghetto ass option selects.

Nah just kidding these are pretty boss y’know.


first the run stop pressure video, and now this. What a great day to be a fuerte player


Damn it, Dawg, you got that run, stop, pressure down. That’s still something I’m trying to do because it’s the one thing I’m missing from my offense game. I feel my time on the pad is coming to a close. Might have to invest in a stick, after all.


from what I can tell Q-bomb is safe on block against T.Hawk. I play this match up like blanka; lots of chip damage and up back. Never do anything on wake-up, just let him get up and maybe burn some ex.


That Fei long option select is fucking awesome. When i’ve slept for more than 4 hours, ill jump into training mode and learn that shit.


How long did it take you to figure out that option select out for fei long? O_o it is fricken sick


Great post, I appreciate your effort :tup:

For the future, if you have the time I would love to see:

a) a short explanation of the the option select, because even with the inputs displayed I don’t really get it :xeye:
b) Matchup vids vs Cammy and Blanka



dawgtanian, you are amazing.


I will give out the details regarding the option selects soon, however I’d rather everyone take the information I’ve given them and see if they can figure it out. However I must emphasise here that although it looks like the option select against Fei Long is an answer to all our problems, there are certainly things he can do so that the ultra misses.

I will post a video soon, where I perform a different option select that should be 100% safe/guarantee damage. It just won’t be an ultra, perhaps a run slide, or even run > RSF.

Also with regards to the input on screen, those are Fei Longs inputs.

Thanks for the wish-list, I will work on the cammy match up soon. She is another one that makes life hard for Fuerte.


I do something similar… but I only use Hanabero Dash cancel back dash.


Added - Kara Armour Cancel Option Select Ultra Spark - [media=youtube]xog1CFYZ3_I[/media]


I can personally attest to the usefulness of the armour cancel option select on wakeup. It takes a huge amount of the rist out of a ‘wake up ultra’ at the cost of only one EX meter.


Wait hows it cost one EX meter? The armor cancel was just regular focus attack


He’s doing an EX back run.

Nice thread, dawgtanian.


To perform the Armour Cancel, you need to do the following:


Buffer the two quarter circle backwards motions just before you wake-up, then you need to hit two punches, followed by all three kicks practically at the same time.

Although I frown upon it, you can always leave the two buttons at the end set to all three punches and kicks, and simply piano over them.


I thought armor canceling didn’t cost meter for the canceled move? At least that’s how I’m fairly sure it was in vanilla and I’m pretty sure that stuff like Juris EX counter -> cancel to EX pinwheel only costs 1 meter.


That is true, however if they don?t press anything, you will waste one EX bar.


Will you just run back if they dont press anything?