Dawn of War II Retribution -- Free Beta Keys

Retribution is a stand-alone expansion for Dawn of War II. It includes ALL the multi-player aspects from Dawn of War II and Chaos Rising, as well as an extra race. Plus, there is an new single player campaign (actually 6 new storylines).

The new game has gotten rid of Games for Windows Live, so it will not be compatible with the first two releases (but your stats will transfer).

Go here and register for a key. Exact details are on the front page.


No one even wants to try the beta?

i’d be interested if sc2 weren’t out.

DoW II and SC2 are different games. Sure they are both RTS, but they handle things completely different.

Besides, that’s like saying “I’d be interested in BB:CS if SSF4 weren’t out.” It only makes sense if you play on a competitive level.

I’ll probably wait for the game to roll out…I’m more interested in the SP campaigns.

I honestly don’t play the Vs MP (I liked The Last Stand). The only reason I got the Beta was to check out the Imperial Guard.